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Red is a red bird from Angry Birds.

He played AJ in Pokemon (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style)

He played Francis in A Toon's Life (Justin Quintanilla)A Character's Life, and A Robot's Life

He Played Arthur Claus in Red Christmas

He Played Iago in Eggsladdin (1992), Eggsladdin II: The Return of Sephiroth (1994) and Eggsladdin III: The King of Thieves (1996)

He played Mr. Lunt in HeroTales

He is a decorative gourd.

He played Mad Hatter Robot in Futurama (DaveGrrrrrrruly)

He played Batman (The Lego Movie) in The Toon Movie 2: The Second Part (The Hannah Schmidt 229 Show Style)

He played Buzz Lightyear in Toon Story 4 (The Hannah Schmidt 229 Show Style)

He played Blu in Rio (LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style), Rio 2 (LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style), Rio (Peanuts Productions Style) ,Rio 2 (Peanuts Productions Style), Rio (Justin Quintanilla) and Rio 2 (Justin Quintanilla)

He is a Macaw

He played Sportacus in LazyTown (supernexochannel version)

he is A superhero

He played Wolverine in Predaking Vs Red Bird (JimmyandFriends Version)

he played Kai in The LEGO Ninjago Movie (Supernexochannel style)

He Played Surly in The Nut Job (Red and Rainbow Dash 2192 Style) and The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature (Red and Rainbow Dash 2192 Style)

He Played Zazu in The Robinson King

He Played Li Shang in Silverlan and Silverlan 2

He Played Phoenix in Space Bust-A-Move (Toon Style)

Voice Actors:

  1. Jason Sudeikis - English
  2. Shinobu Sakagami - Japanese
  3. Iftach Ofir - Hebrew
  4. Christoph Maria Herbst - German
  5. Omar Sy - European French
  6. Tristan Harvey - Canadian French
  7. Fredde Granberg - Swedish
  8. Riku Nieminen - Finnish
  9. Eddy Zoëy - Dutch
  10. Stijn Cole - Flemish
  11. Marcelo Adnet - Brazilian Portuguese
  12. David Carreira - European Portuguese
  13. Petr Rychlý - Czech
  14. Jacek Bończyk - Polish
  15. Märt Avandi - Estonian
  16. Håvard Bakke - Norwegian
  17. Vladimir Zelenskiy - Ukrainian
  18. Aleksandr Tsekalo - Russian
  19. Santiago Segura - Castilian Spanish
  20. Adrián Uribe - Latin Spanish
  21. Maccio Capatonda - Italian
  22. Louis Cheung - Cantonese Chinese
  23. KID Lin - Taiwanese Mandarin
  24. Pongsatorn Jongwilas - Thai