Red Kirby

Red Kirby is a Green Kirby's love interest

Red Kirby (With Starfire) played Jane in Green Kirbyzan

Red Kirby (With Green Kirby, Blue Kirby and thier leader Sunset Shimmer played  Ryu Hayabusa in Equestria Girl Gaiden

Red Kirby played Tiger Lily in Green Kirby Pan

Red Kirby (With Green Kirby) played Krypto in Green and Red the Super Kirbys

Red Kirby played Jasmine in Green Kirbyladdin, Green Kirbyladdin: The Return of Marina, Green Kirby: The Queen of Thieves, Green Kirbyladdin (Tv Show)

Red Kirby played Espio in Sunset Shimmer and The Crystal Power Team

Red Kirby played Eric in The Little Green Princess

Red Kirby played Dream Gary in SunBob ShimmerPants Sleepy Time

Red Kirby played Tatl in The Legend of Kai-Lan Venom's Mask

Red Kirby (With Green Kirby and Blue Kirby) played Sparky in The Fairly Oddponies

Red Kirby played Kristoff in Frozen (PrinceAdamRockz style)

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