Red, Dumbo and Rainbow Dash are heading to the big pony show, but the train breaks down on the way. They need to deliver the ribbons to the big killer whale show so Rainbow Dash can win his first ribbon. But they have to be on a lookout for Ronno because he really wants to snatch the ribbons.

Characters Presenting On A Ribbon For Nemo

Places In Episode

  1. Sheep Farm
  2. Cactus Snakes
  3. Pony Show


  • The theme song is remastered with a new version.
  • This is the 139th episode of the show.
  • This is the first episode to give Red a 3D version of his Season 3-4 and Season 5-6 look, though her head becoming a little narrower fitting her age of 8.
  • Although the series is now in 3D, Thomas' voice from the previous seasons is still there, because there is no one to hire for Thomas' new voice yet.
  • Starting with the next season, Red becomes more grown with her voice.
  • This episode introduces a new picture pop-up sequence: Red taps the left side of the screen, and the three pictures slide in one by one. As each picture pops up, it bulges toward the screen and there is a "ding", the pitch increasing one at a time.
  • This episode was a semi-remake for "Rainbow Dash The Killer Whale Express".
  • Bendy wears the same hat from Rainbow Dash The Killer Whale Express.
  • This is Rainbow Dash's fourth and final appearance to date.
  • This episode is actually in season 7.


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