• Red:It Goes Like This You Bend Your Knees and Crouch Down Into A Little Ball and Jump Up and Yell Surprise Will You Do The Surprise Jump With Us To Have A Surprise Dumbo
  • Red:Great
  • Red:You Have To Stand Up and Do The Surprise Jump Staaand Up Please
  • Dodger:Up Up Up Up Up Up
  • Red:First You Have To Bend Your Knees and Crouch Down Into A Little Ball Now Yell Surprise
  • Red June Mort and Dodger:Surprise
  • Red:OK Now We Have To Surprise Dumbo To Let Him In
  • Red:On The Count Of Three I Want You To Yell Surprise Ready 1,2,3
  • Red Dumbo Dodger June and Mort:SURPRISE
  • Dumbo:Oh I'm So Surprised
  • Dumbo:Balloons Goodie Bags A Pinata Birthday Presents Party Games
  • Lynn:It's Time For The Pinata Uno Dos Tres
  • Mort:Dale Dumbo Dale
  • June:Wack It Dumbo
  • Dodger:Yeah Knock The Candy Out Of It
  • (Cheering)
  • Lynn:OK Everybody It's Time To Sing Feliz Cumpleanios To Dumbo
  • Red:Sing It With Us
  • Red Dumbo Dodger June Mort and Lynn:Feliz Cumpleanios Feliz Cumpleanios Feliz Cumpleanios Feliz Cumpleanios
  • Dodger:OK Dumbo Blow Out Your Candle
  • Red:Make A Wish First
  • Dodger June and Mort:Yay Wooo
  • Lynn:Bravo Bravo
  • Mort June and Dodger:Yay
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