Once Upon A Time

Red Smiles With Dumbo Mort June and Dodger and Young Kovu. Then She Smiled At Yakko Lynn Gobo Mokey Baby Elmo and Baby Janice. They Went To Red's Backyard Of Her House. They Sat On A Camper (Kea-m-per) It's A House With Wheels. It Has An Oven,A Stove,A TV,A Radio and A Bed. Red Liked To Go Exploring. Red Dumbo Emily and Thomas Went To Build Campfire. Red's Family Friends and Red Sang Tell Stories and Roast Marshmellows. Red and Her Friends and Family Hear Hooting Owls and Croaking Frogs At Night. Red and Friends Selfied (Sell-Feed) It's A Sharing Pictures and Saying Cheese. Kanga Adult Nala and Marie Played Fanfare Quietly. They Slepped In A Tent (Teh-nuh-tuh) And Ate Smores. That Was A Fun Pretend On June 21.

The End


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