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  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Rescuer the Safety Yellow Vest (Peep and The Big Wide World)
  • Patrick Star - Eric Cartman (South Park)
  • Sandy Cheeks - Rebecca Rabbit (Peppa Pig)


RescueSleeve: Wow, four stingers.

RescueSleeve: Where have I seen this before?

(He then takes out his handy dandy 'Field Guide' and skims through the pages)

RescueSleeve: Here it is!

(RescueSleeve comes upon a picture of the Rabbit)

RescueSleeve: Land rabbit! this land rabbit is in trouble.

(cut to the rabbit, who is bashes the rabbit into the ground)

Rebecca Rabbit: Take that, you sorry old clam! Y'all need to learn some manners! You're about as ugly as homemade soup.

RescueSleeve: Hooray, land mouse!

(cut back to The rabbit, who is oblivious to the clam resurfacing and jumping right at her. Cut to RescueSleeve, who is shock, his glasses shoot up)

RescueSleeve: Look out! Hold on, little mouse!

(he does a karate yell in front of the clam, then does the same while bouncing to different sides. He jumps high in the air, and lands on top of the clam)

Rescuesleeve: You have fought well, giant clam. Prepare to be vanquished!

(RescueSleeve strains)

RescueSleeve: Hey, I'm actually doing it!

(RescueSleeve strains some more)

(The rabbit holds open the clam's mouth and RescueSleeve goes flying face-first into a coral reef.)

RescueSleeve: Your shell is mine!

(RescueSleeve attempts to grapple with an appendage in the clam's mouth. The clam then slams shut.)

Rebecca Rabbit: Hold on there, little wood dude!

(she then gets RescueSleeve out and kicks the clam around some more and finally kicks it across the sea. The clam whimpers. The rabbit leans down to see if RescueSleeve is OK)

RescueSleeve: Hey, you like karate too!

(RescueSleeve does a series of karate moves, spins in mid-air, and lands on his head with a splat.)

RescueSleeve: So, uh, what's your name?

Rebecca Rabbit: Rebecca! So, what do y'all call yourself?

(RescueSleeve runs up a nearby rock and jumps off.)

RescueSleeve: I---'m RescueSleeve!

(One of the corners of his head gets stuck in the ground.)

RescueSleeve: Well RescueSleeve, take a gander at this!

(she walks next to a huge rock and slaps it with her hand, making a gong sound effect. The gong sound effect intensifies and the rock shatters into tiny pebbles.)

RescueSleeve: Oh.