Shining Armor ID S5E19

Here are some highlights and revealed facts from Atypical 2: The Furry Movie.

Revelations and Highlights (Will Be Continued)

Shining Armor, Wilde Pridelander and Garth

  • As in the actual movie, it's revealed that Shining Armor, Wilde Pridelander, and Garth are actually the future versions of Reynold "Bearen" Michaels and Nick Wilde, respectively.
    • Specifically, in an alternate reality, Nick and Bearen had given up hope of ever saving Tigress and the others whom were captured; resulting in Nick becoming unstable and ravaging Pandemonium, killing several (including Judy Hopps) in the process.
    • Crushed by Nick's deterioration, Bearen had tried to get help from the others (in vain), finally taking off in his Pegasus form through space, en route to Equestria, although the journey weakened him, robbed him of his wings, and morphed him into what would become Shining Armor.
    • Nick, meanwhile, had retreated into the wilderness to cover his tracks, growing "primitive" over time until he, too, finally morphed into what became Garth. He eventually joined and became the alpha of a wolf pack, eventually meeting Lilly, whom he fell for. Similarly, Shining Armor eventually developed a crush for Princess Cadance.
    • Kiara, on her part, was forced to brave the journey alone in a makeshift spaceship, only to crash in the asteroid belt, the impact of which sent her flying through space into a time continuum that transported her into an alternate reality, where she would transform into Wilde.
  • Wilde reveals that she alone had modeled a time machine to go back in time, reunite with Shining and Garth, and witness the events that had led them to their present states, memorializing the past. However, Bearen, Kiara, and Nick's decision to instead pursue Tempest, posed a threat to the trio's existence. As a result, the trio had purposefully saved the threesome under pretense of helping them, but with the intent of reclaiming their past, thus taking revenge on Nick, Kiara, and Bearen's friends as well as ensuring that they could continue to exist as a trio.
  • For once, Kiara poses less of an advantage to Nick and Bearen (in the beginning) as she does to Wilde, Shining and Garth, though in the end she proves loyal to both sides.
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