Rhino bolt

Rhino is a hamster from Bolt. He Is Also The Friend Of Bolt And Mittens And A Ex-Pet Of Her Unamed Old Lady Owner And Adoptive Pet Of Penny And Her Mother And He Joins The Justice Team On His First Adventure

He played Abu in Linusladdin (1992)

He played The Sultan in Howdyladdin

He played King Triton in The Little Mer-Hamster

He played King Richard in Howdy Hood

He played Professor Porter in Howdyzan

He played King Stefan in Sleeping Penny the Hamster

He played Mufasa in The Hamster King

He played Happy in Audrey White and the Seven Characters

He is a dwarf

He played Lucky in Despicable Me 3 (Amzy Yzma)

He is a goat


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