Rhonda (or "Ms. Rhonda") is a character in Columbia Pictures' 1999 film, The Female's World. She is a redheaded ringmaster who serves as a minor antagonist, but in the end she reforms.

Voice Actors:

  1. Christina Ricci - English
  2. Minami Takayama - Japanese
  3.  ??? - Latin Spanish
  4.  ??? - European Spanish
  5.  ??? - Canadian French
  6.  ??? - European French
  7.  ??? - European Portuguese
  8.  ??? - Brazilian Portuguese
  9.  ??? - Dutch
  10.  ??? - German
  11. Monica Ward - Italian
  12.  ??? - Swedish
  13.  ??? - Polish
  14.  ???n - Finnish
  15.  ??? - Korean
  16.  ??? - Danish
  17.  ??? - Norwegian
  18.  ??? - Russian


Rhonda is the short-tempered, boisterous, greedy ringmaster of the circus troupe who is unwilling to give refunds after her show has lasted two minutes. She loves money and would do anything just to make it, including hire the lowest of low-lives and later even go as far as to have herself injured as a result.

Rhonda's finale consists of an act called "Flaming Death," in which she was almost incinerated. This made her fire her entire troupe, until a foot-long line of flies lined up outside the circus tent wanting to see the Flaming Death act again.


As the ringmaster of the circus troupe who loves money, Rhonda the Ringmaster is totally unwilling to give refunds after her show has lasted two minutes. She starts off as a minor antagonist, but she reforms into a more neutral businesswoman type in the end after she and her circus troupe help the people defeat Nefaria and her gang.

Role in the film:

During an act with Dizzie and Melvin where the circus act does not perform well, the girls become very upset as many of them leave the circus while an elderly woman tells Rhonda to give her a refund to which she refuses to give refunds much to her greed. Worried about the angry audience, Rhonda tells Henrietta and Janice to perform immediately to which Henrietta tells Rhonda that she cannot perform with an empty stomach to which Rhonda tells Henrietta to perform before eating, much to her harshness. Skye walks towards Rhonda who is also upset that the crowd will only laugh at her thinking she is only an inanimate object to which Rhonda calls her a walking stick to which the girl gets offended with Rhonda's harshness. During a flower act, Rhonda notices Janice arguing with the girls believing her act is going wrong again.

Rhonda meets Quasi who tells her that his partner Margaret, a female magician, is concentrating patiently. Rhonda however, becomes furious telling the performers to do their act immediately. After the act with Henrietta, Janice, and Skye ends, Rhonda begins Margaret and Quasi's act by ringing a gong (actually made of an Asian coin). When Margaret and Quasi's act begins, Rhonda tells Melvin and the whole troupe to be on stage again immediately while trying to put a bandage on Dizzie's wound during a lion taming act along with Tomira and Trish who do not understand what Melvin is saying. Frustrated that her circus act is not getting good complements from the crowd, Rhonda performs a dangerous circus act known as the "Flaming Death" where she tells the unhappy crowd about the act she is going to do after feeling frustrated.

Rhonda explains to the crowd about the demonstration of the dangerous "Flaming Death" act where the act begins in less than fifteen seconds where all the performers are blindfolded while giving an advice that audiences sensitive to intense fire to leave the arena immediately as the Flaming Death act is extremely dangerous. When the act goes wrong like what the other performers were doing, Rhonda gets stuck on flypaper while the Circus Bugs notice this while trying to find water to extinguish the flaming matches. However, before they could, the flypaper falls on the matches and on Rhonda as it emits a big fire across the circus, nearly killing Rhonda during the act. The Circus Clowns then find water for Rhonda, but fires them for poor performance in the circus, causing Rhonda the Ringmaster's Circus to go out of business.

Later in the film, as her troupe and the people celebrate the completion of their pelican to scare off the bullies, Rhonda comes to Female Island searching for the troupe. She finds them hiding under a leaf and blows their cover of pretending to be "warrior bugs," stating to them that Flaming Death was a huge hit. When the ants find out the truth about the warriors, the King orders them to leave, and Prince Richard banishes May along with the troupe after learning about her lies.

As they are heading back to the circus, Finn (who had just learned to fly) flies to the troupe and asks them for help. He tells them about Nefaria's plan to squish his father when the people finish collecting all the food on the island. Melvin traps Rhonda in his web, and the troupe takes control of the carriage and heads back to Female Island.

Back on the island, May tries to scare off the bullies with the fake pelican, but accidentally hits the circus carriage in the process, releasing Rhonda from Melvin's web. She sees that some of her troupe members are pretending to be injured by the pelican, so he uses her Flaming Death to set the bird on fire, not realizing it was merely a hoax to fool Nefaria and her gang. She then realizes her mistake for helping Nefaria and her gang when she sees May being beaten by Darknessa and orders the troupe to get rid of Nefaria.

In the end, Rhonda has reformed to some degree, being less greedy and more flexible, after she and her whole circus troupe help to rid the people of Nefaria when they finally overpower her. They then say goodbye to May, Richard (who's now the new king), and Finn (who is now a young prince). Rhonda leaves Female Island with new circus members: a group of acrobatic people, and a new strongwoman, the fully reformed Vincenza (under the nickname "Tiny"), with the promise that she and the circus will return next season.


  • No refunds after the first two minutes.



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