Rhythm and Woofster is a Woofster's Clues VHS tape featuring two episodes from its first and second seasons.

Episodes Featured


  1. Paramount Means Family Entertainment VHS Trailer
  2. PBS Kids VHS Trailer (Song)
  3. Woofster's Clues: Woofster's Birthday VHS Trailer (Arts and Crafts and Story Time)
  4. Elmo's World VHS Trailer
  5. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  6. Paramount Home Video
  7. PBS Kids Dash Bumper
  8. Hooper Sings "We Are Looking for Woofster's Clues"
  9. "Woofster Wants to Play a Song Game"
  10. Hooper Sings his Vegetable Garden Song
  11. "What Does Woofster Want to Do on a Rainy Day?"
  12. Hooper Sings a Very, Very Short Goodbye Song
  13. Woofster's Clues Credits ("What Does Woofster Want to Do on a Rainy Day?")
  14. PBS Kids Dot Bumper
  15. Paramount Home Video

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