Rintoo is a character from Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.

Rintoo the Tiger.jpg

Rintoo played Quasimodo in The HunchTiger of China, The HunchTiger of China 2

he is a hunchback

Rintoo played Omar in Rock and Play

Rintoo played Peter Pan in Rintoo Pan

he is a flying boy

Rintoo played Aladdin in Rinladdin, Rinladdin: The Return of Shao Kahn, King of Thieves

He is a street rat

Rintoo played Kate in The Twilight in the Hat

Rintoo played Lost Boy with a club in Ruby Pan

Rintoo played Rothbart in The Evil Monster Prince

Rintoo played Hercules in Rincules

Rintoo played Tarzan in Rinzan

Rintoo played the Pope in Sailor Venus Girl, Super Jill Girl and Sailor Jupiter Girl

He is a pope

Rintoo played Ariel in The Little Tiger, The Little Tiger 2: Return to Land, The Little Tiger 3: Rintoo's Beginning

Rintoo played Megara in Pearlcules

Rintoo played Pac-Man in Rintoo and The Ghostly Adventure

Rintoo played Alice in Rintoo in Wonderland

Rintoo played Ira in Pony Tale

Rintoo played Sadness in Inside Out (Female style)

He is a sad character

Rintoo played Don in Sunset Shimmer Vs.

Rintoo played Lois Lane in Super Sandy franchise

Rintoo played Sunset Shimmer in My Little Character: Equestria Characters series

Rintoo played Sapphire in Sunset Universe and Yellow Kirby Universe

He will play Baby Jaguar in an upcoming Go Diego Go parody

He will play Wubbzy in an upcoming Wow Wow Wubbzy parody

He will play Atom Ant in an upcoming Atom Ant parody

Other Appearances

Sample Menu In-game for Just Dance 2018 Unlimited.

  • He is also part of Just Dance 2019 as P3 Dancer for the song "Sweet Sensation", which also happens that he (along with other Ni-Hao Kai-Lan characters) appeared on the teaser where they will be seen eating lots of candies then saying "That sensation feeling when you get your hands on #JustDance2019. Coming this October".

Sample Menu In-game for Just Dance 2019.


Sandy Cheeks - Cousin

Peridot - Cousin

Star Butterfly

Mabel Pines



Ruby (Max & Ruby) - Love Interest

Lori Loud - Aunt

Lucy Loud - Cousin

Rei Hino - Ex-girlfriend

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