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"Rio" (John Clancy) Cast Video

  • Gordon the Big Engine as Blu (both blue, and both grumpy and serious at times)
  • Rebecca as Jewel (both beautiful and love Gordon and Blu)
  • Henry the Green Engine as Rafael (both clumsy, wise and helpful)
  • James the Red Engine as Nico (both vain)
  • Percy the Small Engine as Pedro (both start with P and good friends with Nico and James)
  • Copper as Luiz (both kind dogs)
  • Professor Z as Nigel (both evil)
  • Marge Simpson as Linda (both kind)
  • Homer Simpson as Tulio (both clumsy and married to Marge and Linda)
  • Harry Potter as Fernando
  • Amos Slade as Marcel
  • Jasper and Horace as Armando and Tipa
  • Devious Diesel as Mauro
  • Foolish Freight Cars as The Monkeys
  • Emily the Emerald Engine as Eva (both start with E and married to Henry and Rafael)
  • Narrow Gauge Engines as Rafael and Eva's Chicks
  • Shrek as Sylvio
  • Thomas the Tank Engine as Tiago (both blue, start with T and sons of Gordon and Blu)
  • Mavis the Quarry Diesel as Carla
  • Rosie the Pink Engine as Bia
  • Seviper as Gabi (both poisonous)
  • Meowth as Charlie
  • Edward the Blue Engine as Eduardo
  • Molly the Yellow Engine as Mimi
  • Lightning McQueen as Roberto
  • Boss Hogg as Big Boss
  • Bagheera as Felipe