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  • Penny Forrester: (walking and watching to the viewers) hey everyone
  • Penny Forrester: I'm here this time for revenge
  • Penny Forrester: But first, my origin about what am i doing it Taffy, roll film
  • (Then Taffyta rolls The film then stag reel appeared in)
  • Penny Forrester: (gasps) Taffyta?
  • Taffyta: Sorry about it
  • Penny Forrester: Anyway
  • (Then film rolls about a lonely life of Penny Forrester)
  • (Well....a alonely life stealing the jewelry)
  • (And being a normal girl)
  • Penny Forrester: ha, an empty house to live
  • (And lived with an empty room House)
  • Penny Forrester: And i had no friends
  • (then scene of Taffyta, selling some strawberries and popsicles and pink panties and Clothes)
  • Taffyta: Come and get sone strawberries now
  • Penny Forrester: Then i found a friend
  • Taffyta: Posicles come get one
  • Bully: oh what you got here, Some pinkies?
  • Taffyta: Yes why?
  • Bully: Well, here is the question
  • Taffyta: Yes
  • (Then cuts to Taffyta chased By The bullies)
  • (Then Taffyta bumps to Penny Forrester)
  • Penny Forrester: Hey!
  • Taffyta: Oh great lady
  • Bully: Hey you, young lady
  • Penny Forrester: Yes?
  • Bully: Stand back cause she will be mine
  • Penny Forrester: She will be my friend
  • Penny Forrester: Don't worry i'll get them
  • (Then she beating the bullies)
  • (Penny Forrester Laughs)
  • Taffyta: Can I say ya something? You're incredible
  • Penny Forrester: Am I talking to me? (Then she turns to Taffyta) what your name little girl
  • Taffyta: My name is Taffyta
  • Taffyta: Your Name
  • Penny Forrester: Penny, Penny Forrester
  • Taffyta: Nice name
  • Penny Forrester: thanks
  • Taffyta: Welcome to the Club
  • Taffyta: Hey let me show you, this is a strawberry juicebox
  • Penny Forrester: Thank you
  • Taffyta: That's My pink and strawberry shop, some clothes, makeovers, plushies and some more
  • Penny Forrester: What a great thing
  • Taffyta: And some money that i need