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A Furry, Anime & Cartoon Spoof to Disney's "Raya and the Last Dragon"

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Kumandra is a prosperous land rampaged by the Pitch Black, evil spirits that petrify people and multiply after absorbing their life force. The wolfwalkers of Kumandra used their remaining magic to create an orb to ward off the Pitch Black and revive everyone, but end up turning to stone themselves. A power struggle for the orb divides Kumandra's people into tribes, based on their placement along a giant river that resembles a wolfwalker: Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon, and Tail.

500 years later, Chief Bill of the Heart tribe has been training his daughter Robyn to guard the orb while firmly believing that the tribes will be united once again. During a feast among the five tribes, Robyn befriends the daughter of Chief Regine of the Fang tribe, Camille, who gives Robyn a wolfwalker pendant as a gift. Trusting her, Robyn shows Camille the location of the orb, but Camille has called members of her tribe who attempt to steal the orb. The other tribes arrive and fight for the orb, resulting in its breaking into five pieces. The Pitch Black suddenly reappear as each of the tribes steal a piece, with Bill among the casualties.

For the next six years, Robyn attempts to find Mebh, a wolfwalker said to have created the orb and the only surviving member of her species, to help her recover the missing orb pieces. While in the Tail Tribe's former territory, she finally manages to summon Mebh, who admits that she did not create the orb but can use its powers. They recover the second piece in a ruined Tail temple, granting Mebh shapeshifting powers. They have a hostile encounter with Camille and her tribe, but young entrepreneur Ben, who had lost his family to the Pitch Black, helps them escape. Despite Ben's friendliness, Robyn does not fully trust him.

They arrive at Talon to claim the third orb piece, during which Robyn encounters "con baby" Boss Baby and his trio of monkey-like companions, the Ongis, who adopted him after the Pitch Black killed his mother. After a chase, Robyn takes him in, while Mebh goes into town and encounters Talon's chieftess, who threatens her. Robyn rescues Mebh and reclaims the third piece, which allows Mebh to spew out fog.

The group arrives at Spine, where Robyn and Mebh meet Maui, a boisterous demigod and the village's sole survivor. The rest of the group catches up to warn them of Camille's arrival. Robyn holds her off in a fight while the others escape, with Mebh assisting her. Back at the boat, Robyn tells the truth about Mebh to her party and they agree to work together, with Maui handing Spine's orb piece to Mebh, giving her the power over rain.

As they get closer to Fang, Mebh suggests asking for the final piece rather than stealing it. When Robyn refuses, Mebh takes her back to the remains of the Heart and tells of how she was trusted by her siblings to save Kumandra. Robyn relents and decides to give Camille the wolfwalker pendant as a peace offering to complete her quest. Robyn and Mebh meet privately with Camille, but upon seeing the orb pieces, Camille threatens them. Mebh tries to talk her down, but gets unintentionally shot by Camille and falls into a river, which begins to dry up.

Fang is attacked by the Pitch Black, as Robyn enters to confront Camille, who is mourning the loss of her mother. The two fight while Robyn's companions rescue the people from the Pitch Black. Robyn prepares to kill Camille, but after seeing her remorse, they run to help her friends instead. As the Pitch Black advance toward Robyn's group, Robyn tells them that they need to reassemble the orb, but her friends refuse to forgive Camille. To show her faith, Robyn gives Camille her piece and allows the Pitch Black to take her. The rest follow suit, with Camille fixing the orb before the Pitch Black take her. With the orb reassembled, the Pitch Black are vanquished and everyone is brought back to life, including Mebh and the other wolfwalkers.

Everyone is now able to reunite with their lost loved ones, including Robyn and her father. The wolfwalkers and the tribes gather at Heart to celebrate and join together to form Kumandra once again.