Rocket is a supporting character in Little Einsteins.

He plays Phillippe In Beauty and the Dinosaur (Santiago Style)

He Plays Flying Bed in Bedknobs And Bromsticks (Julian Bernardino Style)

He Plays Pumbaa in The Roger Rabbit King 1 And 2

He is A Warthog

He Plays The Magic Carpet in Leoladdin

He Plays Dr. David Q. Dawson in Ord the Great Dragon Detective (DaveGrrrrrrruly)

He is a Mouse

He Plays Dim in A Creature's Life (DaveGrrrrrrruly)

He is a Rhinoceros Beetle

He Plays Tubby Toaster in Telecolors

He is a Toaster

He Plays Door (Elmo's World) in Baby Tugs Cub's World, Baby Tugs Cub's World: Happy Holidays!, Baby Tugs Cub's World: Wild Wild West! and The Street We Live On!

He is Elmo's Closet

He Plays Shnitzel in [[Oliver (Chowder)

He is a Monster that say Ra-da Ra-da

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