Roddy is the main character of Flushed Away.

Roddy (from Flushed Away) as David (Emillio Mazur)
Dinosuarkingrockz hoenn leaders by polloron-d7t9l1o
Roddy, Oscar and Rango
Roddy St. James
RJ and Roddy St. James (Partners)

He Played Ducky in Cartoon Story (Austin A Style)

He Played one of the People in Mermaids vs. Villains

He Played Alan Parrish in Jumanji (Chris1701 Style)

He Played Danny In Characters Don't Dance

He Played Prince Eric In The Little Mer-Rodent

He Played SpongeBob In RoddyBob RatPants

He Played Robin Hood In Roddy Hood

He Played Shang In Rita Malonelan 1&2

He Played Aladdin In Roddyladdin

He Played The Prince In Rita Malone White and The Seven Animals

He Played Thomas In Roddy and Friends (aka Thomas and Friends)

He Played Hercules In Roddycules

He Played Peter Pan In Roddy Pan

He Played T.W. Turtle In Characters Don't Dance (TheLastDisneyToon Style)

He Played Nick Wilde In Zootopia (TheLastDisneyToon Style)

He Played Farley Wink In Disney Characters Don't Dance

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