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"I remember always the words of my first coach; Prepare, hope you win."
-Rolf Shmecker

Rolf Shmecker is a character in Animalympics.

He is the protagonist of the film's Soccer segment.


Rolf Shmecker is a brown anthropomorphic dachshund. His soccer kit consists of a red jersey shirt with a yellow collar and a vertical black stripe with yellow edges, yellow wristbands, black shorts, and black cleats with yellow socks.


Compared to his foil, "Whiz" Rizzo, he is a much more honorable player, always willing to play fair and by the rules. He also showed an indignant side, especially toward the Rats when they tripped him to steal the ball from him, and kicking it towards the Rats during the penalty kick.


Rolf Shmecker is the captain of the European Hounds. In a previous match during the film's Soccer segment, his team went up against the New York Rats in a scoreless game. During the final period, two of the Rats trip up Shmecker, allowing their team captain, "Whiz" Rizzo, to steal the ball, only for the Rats to be penalized. This allows Shmecker a penalty shot into the Rats' goal net. He kicks the ball in a way that it hits two of the players, bouncing off of them before going into the goal net, scoring 1-0 against the Rats and winning the match.

The next day in the same segment, as covered by Keen Hacksaw and Melé, the Hounds went up against the South American Llamas and were tied 1-1. After a steal from the Llamas and a centering pass to Shmecker, he performs a bicycle kick, sending the ball into the Llamas' goal net and winning the game.

At the podium, Rizzo sneakily switches his bronze medal with Shmecker's gold medal.