The Parody Wiki
  • Bela: Well... well... well... the little human and his pet!
  • Ripslinger: Hey, look who made it! It's a duster.
  • Dusty Crophopper: Hey.
  • Ripslinger: You know, having you here is a nice vehicle-interest story.
  • Bellwether: Fear always works! And I'll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way!
  • Elmer Fudd: Shh Be Very Quiet I Hunting For Rabbits
  • Aunt Spiker: The poor boy needs his medicine.
  • Aunt Sponge: Yes.
  • Aunt Spiker: So we'll just take him...
  • Aunt Sponge: And the peach.
  • Aunt Spiker: Back to our cozy, little house on the hill.
  • Thunderclap: Well, look who got relevated!
  • Kai: It took me five hundred years to take Ooway's chi! I'll have yours if it takes me five hundred more!
  • Scarlet Overkill: And so help me. I never want to see another one of your goofy buttered faces ever again!
  • Squint: You have it tell somebody to build me my ship and you'll never wanna see your precious egg again
  • Growly: Who cares if you want to me scary our not? Doesn't matter! This supposed to be like me taking over everything! Cancel Halloween right now, or else you can kiss this due goodbye!
  • The Bubble Popping Boys: We call us the Bubble Poppin' Boys. And article 1 of our charter prohibits bubble blowing on our turf. 
  • Sailor John: Museum?!? What Museum? I haven't seen searching all this diversity and treasure like that museum! It's from me!  
  • Belson: Go get some pinecones! We're taking that rock!
  • Lord Balthazar: Run that you like you won't get far! (Lord Balthazar laughing)
  • Shere Khan (Live-Action Version): We'll ever remind you! A man cub becomes man and man is forbidden!
  • Motato: I am Motato, and I am the most super of all villains!
  • Rolf: THE BURDEN OF HOSPITALITY IS TOO GREAT FOR ROLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!