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Ronno is the main antagonist in Bambi.


Ronno played Sabor in Kim Wu (Tarzan)

He is a leopard

Ronno played Gaston in Beauty and the Purple Dragon and Beauty and the Pokemon

He is a jerk

Ronno played Hans in Frozen (Kids Style) and Frozen (Kids Style) (Version 2)

He is the prince of the Southern Isles

Ronno played Evil Emperor Zurg in Animal Story 2Boo-Boo Bear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins and Animal Story 3

He is an emperor

Ronno played Jafar in Bambiladdin, Bambiladdin 2: The Return of Ronno, Digitladdin, and Digitladdin 2: The Return of Ronno

He is an Arabian sorcerer

Ronno played Chief McBrusque in A Stickyfeet Tale 3: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

Ronno played Shere Khan In The Jungle Book (Baloo The BearFan360 Style)  1 & 2 and Talespin (Baloo The BearFan360)

He is an evil tiger

Ronno played Gazeem the Thief in Scoutladdin

He is a Thief

Ronno played Hades in Dumbocules and Dumbocules and the Arabian Nights

He is a Lord of the Underworld

Ronno played Killer in All Animals Go to Heaven (Baddwing Version)

He is a idiot dog and sidekick of Carface

Ronno played Christopher in Skunk and Spike

He is a bully

Ronno plays one of O'Hare's bodyguards in The Sponge (The Lorax; 2012)

He is a bodyguard

Ronno plays Grover Gogan in Oliver's Alligator

He is the Gogan's son

Ronno plays Scratcher in Bambi the Red-Nosed Deer

He is a reindeer

Ronno plays Shenzi in TomandJerryFan36's The Cartoon King

He is a Female Hyena

Ronno plays Billy Jessup in Jumanji (nikkdisneylover8390's animal style)

He is a bully

Ronno plays Van Pelt In Jumanji (Anothony A)

He is a hunter

Ronno plays Ed in The Deer King (BambiandFalineFan Style) and The African Animal King

He is a Crazy hyena

Ronno plays The Grand Duke of Owls in Elephant-A-Doodle and Rock-a-Digit

He is a magical owl

Ronno plays Big Jet in Little Einstiens (CyberchaseZoneFilms2010 Version)

He is a big, mean, blue nasty jet

Ronno plays Randall Boggs in Animal Friends Inc, Animal Friends University

Ronno plays Butch in The Little Rascals (animalized) He is a Kid