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Rosemary Hills: Dinosaur King Adventures is a game released in October 18, 2016.


Image: Icon: Character: Voice:
Milly rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Milly Cathy Cavadini
John rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
John Tony Danza
Tevin rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Tevin Chris Tucker
Miranda rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Miranda Rachel House

Crossover Characters:

Image: Icon: Character: Voice:
Bugs Bunny Billy West
Pepe Le Pew Rene Auberjonois
Millie Jacobs Melleny Brown
Tricia Janet Laine-Green
Kathy Eva Almos
Lisa Eva Almos
Melanie Tracey Moore
Kara Barbara Goodson
Paula Schaeffer rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Paula Schaeffer Linda Sorenson
Becky rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Becky Jen Tolley
Sandra Linda Sorenson
Wendy Linda Sorenson
Jeff Walker Boone
Linda Melleny Brown
Susie rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Susie Laurie Waller Benson
Jill Laurie Waller Benson
Jill Wayland Candi Milo
Serena Tsukino rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Serena Tsukino Linda Ballantyne
Ash Ketchum Sarah Natochenny
Pikachu Ikue Otani
Jessie Michele Knotz
James Carter Cathcart
Meowth Carter Cathcart
Toborr Amanda Lutherland
Emmy rosemaryhillsdinosaurkingadventures.png
Emmy Andrea Libman
Flannery Lisa Ortiz
Elycia Keke Palmer
Queen Lucy Emlyn Morinelli
Barbara Hilary Thomas
Katie and Rosie
Max Taylor rosemaryhills.png
Max Taylor Veronica Taylor
Rex Owen rosemaryhills.png
Rex Owen Sebastian Arcelus
Zoe Drake rosemaryhills.png
Zoe Drake Kether Donohue
Chomp rosemaryhills.png
Chomp Kether Donohue
Ace rosemaryhills.png
Ace Eric Stuart
Paris rosemaryhills.png
Paris Yuriko Fuchizaki
Serena Haven Paschall
Bonnie Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Clemont Michael Liscio Jr.