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  • John: Here's the Pokémon this time will be.
  • (John Pulls the Lever on the Slot Machine)
  • (It Shows a Pokemon Silhouette)
  • John: Ah, it's #309. Arcanine. The Legendary Pokemon. Used by a Fire Stone, Arcanine is the evolved form of Growlithe. Because it was found on a map, Arcanine can be the most powerful Pokemon in the whole entire world. Arcanine can breathe fire to surround any Pokemon that might come up against it at about 350 km/h. Also, it can be under the owner of its trainer. So, Arcanine, are you ready to show the kids what you're made of today?
  • (Arcanine Bites John's Hand)
  • John: I guess not. Here's the poem. "Arcanine's bark is worse than its bite, but the bite is what makes things right." See you later, Pokemon fans!