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  • John: Here's the Pokémon this time will be.
  • (John Pulls the Lever on the Slot Machine)
  • (It Shows a Pokemon Silhouette)
  • John: Ah, it's #555. Dugtrio. The Mole Pokemon. Dugtrio is the evolved form of Diglett. They are found in the ground by using Dig. When using Dig, Dugtrio make the ground better and clearer to make the food grow faster in the ground at 100 km/h. A Dig for Dugtrio is fancy and can be useful to help Diglett in other plantings. What?
  • (Dugtrio Digs Through the Lab)
  • John: You're wrecking my laboratory! Here's the poem. "Dugtrio dig through the ground for food, and it looks like to be in a good mood." See you later, Pokemon fans!