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  • John: Here's the Pokémon this time will be.
  • (John Pulls the Lever on the Slot Machine)
  • (It Shows a Pokemon Silhouette)
  • John: Ah, it's #675. Entei. The Volcano Pokémon. Entei is a legendary Pokemon with a furry attitude and fire out of its mouth. When in battle, Entei can rage at other Pokemon with one roar. Now you've seen this, I'd like to demonstrate what exactly this Entei can do in my laboratory. 'Cause whether or not, or much likely no, it'll rage a firey attack. Just watch. I'll never get what is gonna happen.
  • (Entei Groaning)
  • John: It's Entei!
  • (Entei Uses Flamethrower on John, and Leaves)
  • John: Here's the poem. "Fire is hot just like this Entei, but that's something you do not see every day." See you later, Pokemon fans!