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  • John: Here's the Pokémon this time will be.
  • (John Pulls the Lever on the Slot Machine)
  • (It Shows a Pokemon Silhouette)
  • John: Ah, it's #436. Magneton. The Magnet Pokemon. Magneton is the evolved form of Magnemite. Lots of Magnemite and Magneton are the magnets of electricity. Using their three heads, they can use their Thunder Shock attacks that might attack them. A described form of Magneton is that it can attack it sees. And so you see, Magneton are super strong and can shock anything it sees. Nothing mysterious is tempting as this little Pokemon.
  • (John Pats Magneton, but Gets Shocked)
  • John: Here's the poem. "Magneton are like three heads of kids, but it now has three little eyelids." See you later, Pokemon fans!