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These are list of the photos after registered Pokémon to Pokédex.


Rdex Ndex Image Pokémon Pokédex Description Photo Description
#001 #172 Pichu The electric pouches on its cheeks are still small. They cannot store much electricity yet. Milly gives Pichu an apple.
#002 #025
Pikachu photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Pikachu When several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build up and cause lightning storms. Forest dwellers, they are few in number and exceptionally rare. The pouches in their cheeks discharge electricity at their opponents. The Pikachu are believed to be highly intelligent. Milly feeds Pikachu some ice cream.
#003 #026
Raichu photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Raichu When the electricity accumulated in Raichu's cheeks reach a maximum, its ears will become pointed. Raichu runs wild to show off its speed and bumps into Milly.
#013 #052
Meowth photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Meowth It is nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly. Milly watches Meowth play with yarn.
#015 #702 Dedenne Its whiskers serve as antennas. By sending and receiving electrical waves, it can communicate with others over vast distances. Bonnie lets Emmy pet Dedenne's head.
#027 #018 Pidgeot By flapping its wings with all its might, Pidgeot can make a gust of wind capable of bending tall trees. Milly and Emmy fly on Pidgeot (with Emmy on Milly's lap).
#032 #164
Noctowl photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Noctowl Its eyes are special. They can pick out objects as long as there is the tiniest amount of light. Lisa talks to Noctowl.
#042 #022
Fearow photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Fearow It has the stamina to fly all day on its broad wings. It fights using its sharp beak. Tevin is chased by Fearow.
#053 #310
Manectric photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Manectric It discharges electricity from its mane. It creates a thundercloud overhead to drop lightning bolts. John trains Manectric for an exhibition.
#058 #187 Hoppip It drifts on winds. It is said that when Hoppip gather in fields and mountains, spring is on the way. Toborr goes heart-eyed at the Hoppip.
#067 #054
Psyduck photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Psyduck If its usual headache worsens, it starts exhibiting odd powers. It can't remember doing so, however. Monica is talking about Psyduck.
#071 #418
Buizel photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Buizel It has a flotation sac that is like an inflatable collar. It floats on water with its head out. Amy swims with Buizel.
#073 #079
Slowpoke photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Slowpoke Although slow, it is skilled at fishing with its tail. It does not feel pain if its tail is bitten. Milly looks up Slowpoke on her watch.
#074 #080
Slowbro photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Slowbro Though usually dim witted, it seems to become inspired if the Shellder on its tail bites down. Tevin is studying Slowbro.
#077 #183
Marill photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Marill Using its tail as a float, it dives underwater. It likes eating plants that grow on river bottoms. Milly plays with Marill's tail.
#078 #184
Azumarill photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Azumarill It lives in rivers and lakes. In water, its coloring and patterns trick the vision of foes. Milly plays with Azumarill's ears.
#079 #194 Wooper It lives in cold water, half burying itself in mud at the bottom to sleep. Toborr is petting the Wooper.
#092 #090 Shellder It swims backward by opening and closing its two shells. Its large tongue is always kept hanging out. Kathy tries to pet Shellder.
#093 #091 Cloyster It fights by keeping its shell tightly shut for protection and by shooting spikes to repel foes. Emmy gets her hand hurt by the Cloyster.
#115 #173 Cleffa Its silhouette is like a star. It is believed to arrive riding on shooting stars. Melanie is slapped by Cleffa.
#117 #036
Clefable photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Clefable Acute hearing, able to detect the sound of a pin drop a kilometer away. Wendy and Clefable serve Milly cookies.
#119 #039
Jigglypuff photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Jigglypuff When it wavers its big, round eyes, it begins singing a lullaby that makes everyone drowsy. Milly enjoys Jigglypuff's song.
#120 #040
Wigglytuff photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Wigglytuff Its fine fur feels sublime to the touch. It can expand its body by inhaling air. Wendy hugs a Wigglytuff.
#129 #209 Snubbull Small Pokémon flee from its scary face. It is, however, considered by women to be cute. Snubbull bites Wendy's butt.
#130 #210 Granbull It is timid in spite of its looks. If it becomes enraged, however, it will strike with its huge fangs. Emmy pets a Granbull while Elycia picks her up.
#133 #216 Teddiursa It lets honey soak into its paws so it can lick them all the time. Every set of paws tastes unique. Emmy is hugging a Teddiursa while being heart-eyed.
#134 #217
Ursaring photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Ursaring In its territory, it leaves scratches on trees that bear delicious berries or fruits. Milly is lifted by Ursaring.
#137 #108
Lickitung photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Lickitung Instead of hands, it uses its tongue, which is twice its height. Its sticky saliva grips anything. Tevin is being licked by Lickitung.
#159 #128
Tauros photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Tauros Once it takes aim at its foe, it makes a headlong charge. It is famous for its violent nature. Milly and John are riding on the Tauros.
#160 #241
Miltank photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Miltank It is said that kids who drink Miltank's milk grow up to become hearty, healthy adults. Milly gets milk from Miltank.
#163 #300 Skitty It can't stop itself from chasing moving things, and it runs in a circle, chasing its own tail. Tevin plays with Skitty.
#164 #301 Delcatty It is highly popular among female Trainers for its sublime fur. It does not keep a nest. Max watches Delcatty use Blizzard.
#170 #175
Togepi photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Togepi Its shell is said to be stuffed with happiness that it shares with kindhearted people. Milly happily picks up Togepi.
#171 #176
Togetic photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Togetic It is said to appear in front of kindly people to scatter a glowing down called "joy dust." Milly plays with Togetic.
#172 #468 Togekiss It will never appear where there is strife. Its sightings have become rare recently. Milly rubs Togekiss' head.
#174 #113
Chansey photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Chansey It is said to deliver happiness. Being compassionate, it shares its eggs with injured people. Milly helps Chansey heal John's leg.
#176 #235
Smeargle photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Smeargle It marks its territory by using its tail like a paintbrush. There are more than 5,000 different marks. Jill is posing the painting by the Smeargle.
#177 #190
Aipom photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Aipom It uses its tail to pluck fruits that are out of reach. Its tail is more adept than its real hands. Tevin is eating with Apipom.
#188 #010
Caterpie photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Caterpie It releases a stench from its red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeatedly. Caterpie (while holding by John) shoots white string from its mouth at Milly, covering her.
#193 #015
Beedrill photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Beedrill Its best attack involves flying around at high speed, striking with poison needles, then flying off. Emmy jumps into Milly's arms after being afraid of the Beedrill.
#200 #665
Spewpa photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Spewpa It lives hidden within thicket shadows. When predators attack, it quickly bristles the fur covering its body in an effort to threaten them. John and Tevin are glad to see Milly dressed as Spewpa.
#204 #167
Spinarak photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Spinarak It sets a trap by spinning a web with thin but strong silk. It waits motionlessly for prey to arrive. Cheer Bear, Treat Heart Pig, Champ Bear and Bright Heart Raccoon are scared of Spinarak.
#205 #168 Ariados It can produce spider webs from both its mouth and spinneret. It's difficult to even differentiate the head from its back, where the spinneret is located. Kara is protecting Toborr from the Ariados
#232 #123
Scyther photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Scyther It is nearly impossible to parry its attacking scythes. Its movements are like a ninja's. George is talking to Scyther.
#234 #127
Pinsir photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Pinsir It grips prey with its pincers until the prey is torn in half. What it can't tear, it tosses far. Pinsir serves Milly breakfast in bed.
#235 #214
Heracross photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Heracross With powerful legs and claws, it generates enough power to hurl foes over great distances. Milly studies Heracross.
#247 #130
Gyarados photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Gyarados The evolved form of Magikarp. Rarely seen in the wild. Huge and vicious, it is capable of destroying entire cities in a rage. Can fire a Hyper Beam from its mouth. Tevin is frightened by a Gyarados.
#264 #226
Mantine photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Mantine When the waves are calm, one may encounter a swarm of Mantine swimming as if they are in flight. Milly narrates about Mantine.
#269 #098 Krabby It lives in burrows dug on sandy beaches. Its pincers fully grow back if they are broken in battle. Krabby uses Vice Grip on Kara.
#270 #099 Kingler The larger pincer has 10,000-horsepower strength. However, it is so heavy, it is difficult to aim. Kingler takes off Melanie's clothes.
#271 #341
Corphish photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Corphish Its hardy vitality enables it to adapt to any environment. Its pincers will never release prey. Emmy's finger gets pinched by Corphish
#275 #211
Qwilfish photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Qwilfish In order to attack the enemy all over the body with its poisonous sting, the Qwilfish has to take in a lot of water and expand up to several times of its actual size. Toborr puffs up like Qwilfish.
#279 #072
Tentacool photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Tentacool Its body is virtually composed of water. It shoots strange beams from its crystal-like eyes. Jeff discovers a Tentacool.
#280 #073
Tentacruel photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Tentacruel With 80 tentacles for ensnaring victims, it prevents escape until the prey is weakened by poison. Becky and Sandra check out the Tentacruel.
#283 #318 Carvanha They swarm any foe that invades their territory. Their sharp fangs can tear out boat hulls. Mina swims with Carvanha.
#284 #319
Sharpedo photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Sharpedo Its fangs rip through sheet iron. It swims at 75 mph and is known as "The Bully of the Sea." Tricia is in Kathy's arms, and afraid of Sharpedo.
#306 #037
Vulpix photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Vulpix It controls balls of fire. As it grows, its six tails split from their tips to make more tails. Miranda pets Vulpix's fur.
#309 #059
Arcanine photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Arcanine Its proud and regal appearance has captured the hearts of people since long ago. John and Jeff are petting Arcanine.
#310 #228 Houndour It communicates with fellow Houndours via a unique howl, informing them of its location. The herd will then move in together on their prey. Emmy is being chased by a Houndour.
#311 #229 Houndoom Long ago, people imagined its eerie howls to be the call of the grim reaper. Scooby Doo is complimenting the Houndoom.
#315 #057
Primeape photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Primeape It grows angry if you see its eyes and gets angrier if you run. If you beat it, it gets even madder. George is training with Primeape.
#325 #122
Mr. Mime photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Mr. Mime It can release mysterious waves from its finger and solidify the air, creating invisible walls. Tevin is trapped by Mr. Mime's magic.
#339 #089
Muk photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Muk A toxic fluid seeps from its body. The fluid instantly kills plants and trees on contact. Muk lays on Milly.
#353 #074
Geodude photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Geodude Many live on mountain trails and remain half buried while keeping an eye on climbers. Geodude play with Milly.
#354 #075
Graveler photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Graveler Graveler make their homes on sheer cliff faces by gouging out numerous horizontal holes. Mina works out with Graveler.
#356 #095
Onix photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Onix Digs through the earth at up to 50 miles/hour in search of food. The tunnels left behind become a favorite habitat of Diglett. Onix hugs Milly for a greet.
#357 #208
Steelix photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Steelix Tempered underground under high pressure and heat, its body is harder than any metal. Milly looks at Steelix.
#374 #667
Litleo photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Litleo The stronger the opponent it faces, the more heat surges from its mane and the more power flows through its body. Debbie picks up Litleo and sees how cute it is.
#375 #668
Pyroar photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Pyroar With fiery breath of more than 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, they viciously threaten any challenger. The females protect the pride's cubs. Wendy, Jeff, Linda, Becky, and Sandra take a good look at Pyroar.
#381 #438
Bonsly photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Bonsly It looks as if it is always crying. It is actually adjusting its body's fluid levels by eliminating excess. Tevin is crying while hugging Bonsly.
#389 #043
Oddish photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Oddish It often plants its root feet in the ground during the day and sows seeds as it walks about at night. Emmy is surrounded by a group of Oddish.
#391 #045
Vileplume photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Vileplume Its petals are the largest in the world. As it walks, it scatters extremely allergenic pollen. Millie examines Vileplume.
#392 #182
Bellossom photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Bellossom They will sometimes gather and start dancing. It's also known as a ritual dance to worship the sun. Paula and Kara do the hula with Bellossom.
#395 #069
Bellsprout photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Bellsprout It prefers hot and humid environments. It is quick at capturing prey with its vines. Wendy waters Bellsprout.
#396 #070
Weepinbell photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Weepinbell A Pokémon that appears to be a plant. It captures unwary prey by dousing them with a toxic powder. Milly takes a nap with Weepinbell.
#439 #101
Electrode photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Electrode It is known to drift on winds if it is bloated to bursting with stored electricity. Milly shrugging about Electrode.
#455 #063
Abra photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Abra This strange fellow sleeps 16 hours a day. Abra likes Melanie's rice balls.
#457 #065
Alakazam photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Alakazam The spoons clutched in its hands are said to have been created by its psychic powers. Milly in her underwear caused by Alakazam.
#459 #097
Hypno photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Hypno Seeing its swinging pendulum can induce sleep in three seconds, even in someone who just woke up. Milly is being hypnotized by Hypno.
#460 #001
Bulbasaur photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Bulbasaur For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back. Monica talks with Bulbasaur.
#462 #003
Venusaur photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Venusaur After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokémon. Linda smells the sweet scent of Venusaur.
#464 #005 Charmeleon In the rocky mountains where Charmeleon live, their fiery tails shine at night like stars. Melanie gets burnt by the Charmeleon.
#465 #006 Charizard It is said that Charizard's fire burns hotter if it has experienced harsh battles. Milly and Elaine fly on Charizard's back.
#468 #009
Blastoise photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Blastoise The jets of water it spouts from the rocket cannons on its shell can punch through thick steel. Paula relaxes on the beach with Blastoise.
#469 #238
Smoochum photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Smoochum It tests everything by touching with its lips, which remember what it likes and dislikes. Smoochum kisses Miranda.
#470 #124
Jynx photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Jynx Its cries sound like human speech. However, it is impossible to tell what it is trying to say. Wendy is being pleased by Jynx.
472 #125
Electabuzz photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Electabuzz Half of all blackouts occur when this Pokémon appears at power plants and eats electricity. Tevin is shocked by Electabuzz.
#475 #126
Magmar photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Magmar Born in the spout of a volcano, its body is covered by flames that shimmer like the sun. Miranda watches Magmar cook the gourmet.
#477 #066
Machop photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Machop Though small in stature, it is powerful enough to easily heft and throw a number of Geodude at once. Machop lifts Milly.
#478 #067
Machoke photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Machoke Machoke's boundless power is very dangerous, so it wears a belt that suppresses its energy. Machoke carries Tevin's books.
#479 #068 Machamp It punches with its four arms at blinding speed. It can launch 1,000 punches in two seconds. Machamp picks up John.
#486 #107
Hitmonchan photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Hitmonchan The arm-twisting punches it throws pulverize even concrete. It rests after three minutes of fighting. Hitmonchan punches a bag held by Milly.
#487 #237
Hitmontop photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Hitmontop It can spin and kick the opponent simultaneously. It can also drill into the ground spinning at a high speed. Susie is watching Hitmontop spin.
#500 #041
Zubat photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Zubat Even though it has no eyes, it can sense obstacles using ultrasonic waves it emits from it mouth. Monica hangs around with Zubat.
#502 #169
Crobat photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Crobat Having four wings enables it to fly faster and more quietly. It turns active when the night comes. Crobat is impressed with Sibella's new look.
#503 #302
Sableye photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Sableye It hides in the darkness of caves. Its diet of gems has transformed its eyes into gemstones. Leo and Leah scare Tevin along with Sableye.
#505 #198
Murkrow photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Murkrow It is believed that seeing this Pokémon at night will bring about ominous occurrences. Milly feeds the Murkrow.
#507 #092
Gastly photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Gastly A Pokémon born from poison gases. It defeats even the largest foes by enveloping them in gas. Milly goes through Gastly
#508 #093
Haunter photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Haunter It can slip through any obstacle. It lurks inside walls to keep an eye on its foes. John laughs at Tevin's face done by Haunter.
#517 #563
Cofagrigus photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Cofagrigus It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets. Tanis is standing next to Cofargrigus.
#509 #094
Gengar photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Gengar Able to merge with and inhabit the shadow of another being. Paula is in Elycia's arms scared by the Gengar.
#526 #200
Misdreavus photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Misdreavus It loves to sneak up on people late at night, then startle them with its shrieklike cry. Misdreavus plays with Milly's hair.
#538 #255 Torchic A fire burns inside, so it feels very warm to hug. It launches fireballs of 1,800 degrees F. Tevin goes heart-eyed at the Torchic.
#539 #256
Combusken photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Combusken Its kicking mastery lets it loose 10 kicks per second. It emits sharp cries to intimidate foes. Millie Jacobs shows her fighting moves like Combusken.
#540 #257 Blaziken Flames spout from its wrists, enveloping its knuckles. Its punches scorch its foes. John studies Blaziken
#543 #260
Swampert photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Swampert It can swim while towing a large ship. It bashes down foes with a swing of its thick arms. Wanda is startled by Swampert.
#546 #023
Ekans photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Ekans It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind. Milly feeds an Ekans
#547 #024
Arbok photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Arbok It is rumored that the ferocious warning markings on its belly differ from area to area. John is being squeezed by Arbok.
#559 #143
Snorlax photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Snorlax Its stomach can digest any kind of food, even if it happens to be moldy or rotten. Milly gets annoyed at Snorlax's snoring.
#569 #227
Skarmory photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Skarmory Feathers from its wings are thin and hard. They can also be used as blades or knives. Jill shows Skarmory its eggs.
#582 #142
Aerodactyl photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Aerodactyl A Pokémon that roamed the skies in the dinosaur era. Its teeth are like saw blades. Leo and Leah look at Aerodactyl.
#585 #031
Nidoqueen photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Nidoqueen Its entire body is armored with hard scales. It will protect the young in its burrow with its life. Milly poses like a queen to Nidoqueen.
#588 #034
Nidoking photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Nidoking One swing of its mighty tail can snap a telephone pole as if it were a matchstick. Milly almost loses her balance because of Nidoking.
#589 #111
Rhyhorn photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Rhyhorn Its body is clad in a thick hide, and its tackles topple buildings. Unfortunately, it is not smart. Milly studies a Rhyhorn.
#590 #112
Rhydon photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Rhydon Its brain developed after it stood up on its hind legs. Its drill horn bores tunnels through solid rock. Milly works out with Rhydon.
#592 #115
Kangaskhan photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Kangaskhan It raises its offspring in its belly pouch. It lets the baby out to play only when it feels safe. Monica looks at the baby Kangaskhan.
#595 #231
Phanpy photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Phanpy Phanpy's big ears serve as broad fans. When it becomes hot, it flaps the ears busily to cool down. Even the young are very strong. Becky and Sandra play with Phanpy.
#596 #232
Donphan photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Donphan It attacks by curling up, then rolling into its foe. It can blow apart a house in one hit. Milly is happy with Donphan.
#597 #027
Sandshrew photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Sandshrew To protect itself from attackers, it curls up into a ball. It lives in arid regions with minimal rainfall. John and Millie have fun with Sandshrew.
#598 #028
Sandslash photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Sandslash It curls up, then rolls into foes with its back. Its sharp spines inflict severe damage. Tevin and Monica dig underground with Sandslash.
#606 #152 Chikorita It uses the leaf on its head to determine the temperature and humidity. It loves to sunbathe. Elycia and John play with Chikorita.
#607 #153 Bayleef Its neck emits a spice-like fragrance that has a refreshing effect. Milly rubs Bayleef's back.
#608 #154 Meganium The aroma that rises from its petals contains a substance that calms aggressive feelings. Zoe admires the petals around Meganium.
#611 #157
Typhlosion photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Typhlosion It attacks using blasts of fire. It creates heat shimmers with intense fire to hide itself. Tevin is burned badly by Typhlosion.
#626 #248
Tyranitar photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Tyranitar If it rampages, it knocks down mountains and buries rivers. Maps must be redrawn afterward. Tyranitar looks at Milly.
#632 #148
Dragonair photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Dragonair If its body takes on an aura, the weather changes instantly. It is said to live in seas and lakes. John hides from Dragonair's rain.
#640 #220
Swinub photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Swinub Once it smells a nice fragrance, it'll dash towards it. Mary cheers for Swinub.
#661 #365
Walrein photo rosemaryhillspokemonadventures.png
Walrein The two well-developed fangs can break a 10-ton iceberg with one hit. It can survive well in temperatures well below zero degrees with its thick layer of fat. Raye, Kathy, and Pamela are petting Walrein.
#664 #131 Lapras Extremely intelligent, able to understand human speech. A Pokémon that has been over-hunted almost to extinction. It can ferry people over water. Milly, Emmy, and Max ride on Lapras' back.
#711 #489 Phione A Pokémon that lives in warm seas. It inflates the flotation sac on its head to drift and search for food. Jill likes to play with Phione.
#712 #490 Manaphy Born on a cold seafloor, it will swim great distances to return to its birthplace. Emmy sleeps with Manaphy.