I'm Trippin' Balls!

Rover Dangerfield is a smooth-talking bassett hound who was raised by his owner, Connie, a Las Vegas showgirl. But when her jealous boyfriend, Rocky throws him over the Hoover Dam, Rover ends up in a farm where he meets a boy named Danny and a beautiful collie named, Daisy.

Rover plays Rodney Dangerfield in Littlefoot (Casper)

Rover plays Ben in Talking Friends (Tomarmstrong14 Style)

Rover plays The Thief in The Dog and the Cat

Rover plays Droopy in Kovu and RJ: The Movie

Rover plays himself in The Secret of NIMH (Dogs Version)

Rover plays Artemis in Sailor Moon spoof for 1955Movies

Rover Played Genie In Jerryladdin (150Movies Style)

Rover Played Koga In Pokemon ????

Rover Played Monty In Copper 'n Tod Rescue

Rover Played The In Krunk Ing 1955Movies spoof

Rover Played Darien Shields In Sailor Moon Spoof for 155Movies

Rover Played Brock In Pokemon (1983Movies Style)

Rover Played Alvin Seville in Rover and the Dogs (1983)

Rover Played Maximus In Dinosaur King (165Movies Animals Style)



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