Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf is designed to be based on an wolf. Just as the other members of the Glamrocks, she is dressed in 1970s vibe. Her facial features greatly resemble both Foxy and Mangle, most notably with lipstick and her amber eyes. Roxanne, however, has visible metal segments below her eyes (to resemble whiskers) opposed to the red cheeks of Mangle. Roxanne's ears have a light gray center lined at the edges with a gray outline. Her right ear notably has a single silver earring. She has sliver hair with a lime green fringe, pale "skin", and has a grayish white snout, a small black nose and whiteish gray fur inside herĀ ears, around her eyes and at the tip of the tail. She has long, sharp yellowish green nails.

She has a red chest piece, a narrow metallic waist, and red shoulder guards above her segmented arms, which end in purple sports tape wrapped around her forearm, the heels of her leg (to resemble leg warmers). Like Glamrock Chica and Montgomery, Roxanne holds a lime green keytar.


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