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Rubble (born May 18 2008) is a bulldog and the number six member of the PAW Patrol.


Rubble, along with the PAW Patrol play Abu in Ryderladdin

They're monkeys

Rubble plays Ben Hansome in Red (It)

Rubble plays Sosuke in Skye (Ponyo)

He's a little boy

Rubble plays Max in How the Squirrel Stole Christmas

He is the Grinch's dog

Rubble is Nutty in Happy Tree Friends, he plays as Nutty

Rubble plays Geno in Toulouse (Bambi)

He is a fawn

Rubble plays Nemo in Finding Rubble and Finding Vix

He is a Fish

Rubble played Theodore Seville in Marshall and the Doggies

He's a chipmunk.

Rubble plays Stinky in Alpha & Omega Series (Vinnytovar Style)

He is a Wolf Pup