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Rudy is an albino Baryonyx from Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 


Plays Hammerhead Shark in The Little Mer-Betty 2: Return to the Sea

He is a hammerhead shark

Plays the Acklay in Animation Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Birds

He is an alien monster

Plays Sa'luk in Barneyladdin 3: The King of Thieves

plays Jafar in Mannyladdin and Mannyladdin 2:The Return of Rudy

He is a sorcerer

plays Snake Jafar In Bagheeraladdin and Furballaddin

He is a giant snake

plays the red death in How to Train Your Ice Age Character

He is a Red Death Dragon

plays Drago's Bewilderbeast in How to Train Your Pooh Bear 2

Plays the Red Bull in The Last Unicorn (Nuclearzeon Style)

He is a bull

Plays the Xenomorph Queen is Raptors a.k.a. Aliens

He is the Father of all Xenomorphs and Murderer

Plays the Hydra in Skunkules

He is a Multi-Headed Monster

Plays Big Jet in Little einsteins

He is a big, mean, blue nasty jet

plays Donald Duck in Redclaw, Rudy and Ratchet: The Three Musketeers

plays Indominus Rex in Jurassic World (Princess Rapunzel Style)

That thing out there, That is no dinosaur

plays Undertow (Big Size) in The Little Mer-Villavicencio II: Return to the Sea (2000)

He is an gigantic tiger shark

plays Toothless in How to Train Your Baryonyx and How to Train Your Baryonyx 2

He is a dragon

Plays Anglerfish in Finding Lucas the spider, Finding Tim Templeton, and Finding Tails (Andrewscholte14 Version) 

Plays Baryonyx in the Jurassic Park (Davidchannel's Version) film series

He is a Dinosaur

Plays Marshmallow in Frozen (Davidchannel's Version) Series

He is a gigantic snowman