Rudy horton hears a who

Rudy Kangaroo is a kangaroo from Horton Hears a Who!


Rudy appears in Atypical: The Lego Movie Animash Parody (Phase Awesomeness), playing as Benny the Spaceman.

He loves battleships and even creates his own with the help of Tigress, Agent Classified, Shifu, and Fuli.

He also has a major role in Sophisticatedly Declassified (a animal-style parody of WALL-E).

Along with Kovu, Johnny Johnson the Panda (also known as John), and Agent Classified, he likes Sophia.


Atypical: The Lego Movie Animash Parody marks the first time that Rudy is independent of his mother, Jane Kangaroo.


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