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"I'm Rugs Turkell and I'll be bringing you me, as well as the story of an exciting young track star, Bolt Jenkins."
-Introducing himself

Rugs Turkell is a character in Animalympics.

He is a sports reporter for ZOO. He was voiced by Billy Crystal.


Rugs is an anthropomorphic tom turkey with gray feathers, yellow legs with orange feet, a yellow neck with an Adam's apple, a red snood with a wattle, and a yellow beak. He wears a blue business jacket.


Rugs is acid-tongued with a biting sense of sarcasm, with a confident and blustery personality. He maintains a "telling it like it is" style of reporting.


Rugs was first seen at the beginning of the film, during the preview of the games where he and the other ZOO reporters and commentators introduce themselves.

He is next seen in the film's Track and Field segment, doing a ZOO On You report on Bolt Jenkins and his rise as a track star, also giving coverage to the High Jump and Pole Vault events, where Jenkins won the gold medal.

The third time he is seen in the film is where he covered the Ice Hockey match held between the North American Kodiaks and the Eurasian Shorthorns.

The final time that Rugs appeared within the film, is when he covered the Animalympic Boxing event between Joey Gongolong and Janos Brushteckel. The film's Boxing segment was padded with the Basketball segment, which went back to Boxing, where Rugs reviewed the post-match replay with a defeated Janos Brushteckel. With his acid tongue, Rugs criticized Janos as he then jumped up and down on the disgraced Eurasian boxer.


"If you don't think you're about to witness a gargantuan battle between behemoths, then you are mistaken, as the Eurasian Shorthorns take on the Kodiaks of North America. This game of hockey is one of the fastest and most dangerous of sports. Indeed, some have charged it's no longer a game played in the pursuit of athletic excellence, but rather as an exercise in destruction. One of the architects behind this demolition derby on ice is the coach of the Kodiaks, Bear McLane."
-Introducing the ice hockey event
"It's time for the opening face off in this battle of fire and ice. Face off to Chubbs, faces off to the right wing. North Americans control. A steal! This hard-checking game is taking its toll. Face off to Darren, time out as they clear the ice. Oh, boy. The question this reporter has to ask is how long can Coach McLane afford to keep this all-star line off the ice?"
-Commentating on the hockey game
"Lafluke gets past the tough Shorthorn defense. Slapshot! Score, as the time runs out. North America takes it in the closing seconds, avoiding sudden death overtime."
-Commentating on the winning play of the hockey game
"Hockey; a team sport. But behind it, the selfless personal dedication and sacrifice of the individual."
-Closing words for the hockey game

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  • He is a parody of sports journalist Howard Cosell, though Rugs' name is a parody in and of itself, particularly of author Louis "Studs" Terkel.