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Sabor is a Leopard Form Tarzan

She Played Shenzi In The Huskey King

She played Glut The Shark in The Little Mer Nariko

she is A Shark

She played the nexu in Animation Star Wars Episode II

she is an alien feline

She is Mojo Jojo and Clayton who Played Snake Jafar in DumboladdinEricladdin

She is a Giant Cobra

She Played Nyla In Avatar The Last Airbender Coolzdane Style

She is a Shirisu

She played Indominus Rex in Mammal World

She is an Hybrid Dinosaur

She Played Lion in Jumanji (nikkdisneylover8390's animal style)

She is a Lion

She Played Shere Khan in The Jungle Book Conner3649

She is a Man-Eating Tiger

She Played Baby Face in Cartoon Story (Austin A Style)

She played The Red Death in How to Train Your Wild Cat

she is a dragon

She played Zira in The Lion King 2: Leo's Pride


In Pazuzan, Flynnzan, Shining Armorzan and Taran [Tarzan] Played by the Bear

In Chrizan, Soarinzan and Simbarzan Played by Shere Khan

In Annet Futatabi (AKA Tarzan) Played By Randall

In Yellow Kirbyzan Played By Cinderblock

In Rinzan Played By Lucemon

In Rinzan (Gender-Reversed) Played By Ozark Witch