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She is the main heroine from Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat

She Played Princess Eilonwy In The Black Cauldron (Prince Balto Pet Style)

she is a Princess

She plays Ballerina in Fantasia 2000 (Prince Balto Pet Style)

She is a Toy Ballet

She played Young Korra in The Legend of Princess

She is a Southern water tribe-born Avatar

She played Young Ty Lee in Avatar The Last Airbender Animal Style

She is a Fire Nation Noble

She played Wendy Darling in Pongo Pan

She is a girl

She played Young Kiara in The Cat King 2: Danny's Pride

She is the daughter of Simba and Nala

She played Cynthia Brisby in Sawyer meets Simba

She is one of Mrs. Brisby's children

She played Baby Simba in The Duchess King

She is a lion cub

She played Baby Tarzan in Duchzan

She is a baby boy

She played Baby Hercules in Duchcules

She is a hero

She played Baby Bambi in Duchambi

She is a baby deer

She played Dinah in Madison in Wonderland

She is Alice's Cat

She played Molly the Yellow Engine in Eric Cartman And Friends

She is a Train

Voice Actors:

  1. Holly Gauthier Frankel - English