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Sakura Shinguji is a member of the Teikoku Kagekidan's Hanagumi. She is the main female protagonist in Sakura Wars 1-4.

Sakura is gentle, polite and kind but somewhat clumsy and naive. She has a bright and cheerful personality with a strong sense of justice. She constantly gets jealous whenever she catches Ogami talking with another girl. Being the newest member of the Flower Division wasn't exactly easy for the naive newcomer. Sakura had to overcome her inexperience and prove herself to her comrades in order to gain acceptance within the group. In the end, however, she finds herself a loyal friend and her definite worth as an important asset of the Flower Division- both on the stage, and on the battlefield.

She plays Edward the Blue Engine in Belldandy the Goddess and Friends

She is a second blue train

She plays Princess Cadance in My Little Anime: Friendship is Magic (BrittalCroftFan Style)

She is the princess of the Crystal Empire


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