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Male Sambar Deer (aka Buck/Stag)

Female Sambar Deer (aka Doe)

The sambar deer (Rusa unicolor) is the largest Oriental deer, with adults sometimes weighing as much as 546 kilograms. The hairy coat of the sambar deer is generally consistent in colour around the body, but can vary from yellowish-brown to almost dark grey. The belly of the sambar deer tends to be darker and sometimes has chestnut markings. This species has long, coarse hair, particularly on the neck, with this being more prominent in the male. The tail is relatively long for a deer and is normally black. The male sambar deer tends to be heavier and is likely to be darker than the female or any young. As in many other deer, only the male sambar deer has antlers. These antlers have three points, or tines, and can typically grow up to 120 centimetres in length in adults. The antlers can be fairly fragile and become increasingly corrugated over time. There are many subspecies of sambar deer, which vary considerably in size and appearance. The sambar deer has a broad diet and is well adapted to a wide variety of forest types. The sambar deer is one of the few deer that will confront quite large predators.

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