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Sammy Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal

Shingo Tsukino was Usagi Tsukino's younger brother. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.

Voice Actors

  1. Julie Lemieux (DIC/Cloverway) - English
  2. Nicolas Roye (VIZ) - English
  3. Chiyoko Kawashima - Japanese
  4. Seira Ryu - Japanese
  5. Paolo Torrisi -Italian
  6. Liron Lev - Hebrew

He played Curtis in Artemis & Friends Seasons 4-5

He is a recurring character.

He played Max in Pokemon (398Movies Human Style), and Pokemon Advanced Generation (190Movies Human Style)

He is May's little brother.

He played Ash in Pokemon (1983Movies Style)

He is a Travel

He played Dale in Max 'n Sammy Rescue Rangers

He Played Coppy Cat Ken In Peter 1/2

He Played Buzz Lightyear In Child Story (Chris1703 Style) Child Story 2 (Chris1703 Style) Child Story 3 (Chris1703 Style) Sammy Tsukino of Star Command

he is an Space Ranger

He Played Jamie Gillis IN Red Dead Redemption 2 (TheBluesRockz Style)

He Played Natsu In Fairly Tail (Chris1703 Style)