Dr. Samson "Smartstuff/Calculus" Maxwells is a panda/vampire coyote and a member of the 547 Phase  

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Awesomeness. He is considered the brains and "straight man" of the team, and he is best friends with Johnny Johnson, Reynold "Bearen" Michaels, Matthew Micahs, Jenna, Rainbow Dash, and Kovu. He's also the husband of fellow scientist Jane Wolfe.  

Samon played Lars in Fourscore: Polar's Wild Adventure (Awesome Me 2)

He's Cruella's artist, and the one who refused to make a work out of the Dalmatian puppies.

Samson played Gene in The Anthro Movie (The Emoji Movie)

He's an emoji who can make multiple standard expressions.

Samson played Good Cop/Bad Cop in Atypical (The Lego Movie Animash Parody)

He's Lord Business's lieutenant, and is known for his dual personality.

Samson played Barry in Animated Party (Sausage Party), along with Kovu and Jenna

He's a sausage, and the deformed yet most resourceful one of the group.


  • Samson is the best and lifelong friend of Johnny, Simba, and Bearen. He's also good friends with Rainbow, Jenna, Kovu, and Matthew, as shown in Animated Party.
  • He is the lover and husband of Jane, as shown in the Awesome Me series. 
  • In The Anthro Movie, Samson reveals that his fiercer, yet more sensitive Calculus side was unleashed due to harrasment by so-called classmates during his college years.
  • He has an older brother named Promenade, a white-tailed deer, which is somewhat unusual considering that neither of their parents are deer. He also has a younger sister, an undercover detective coyote codenamed Agent.
  • Because of his smarts, Samson is nicknamed "Smartstuff" as a panda by his friends. (He's the youngest in the group to have a PhD.) As a vamp-coyote, he is called "Calculus" because, according to Bearen and Johnny, he can be just as complicated as the mathematics in that subject.
  • Samson's dual sides, which he often reverts between unwittingly, sometimes get him into trouble, but prove a strength and allow him to express himself. 
  • As a fun fact, Samson is one of the few 547 members to wear footwear. He almost always wears slippers.  
  • Samson tends to tear out of his clothes when changing into his Calculus form (except for his glasses, which he rarely wears in that form).  
  • As shown in Animated Party, he is very close to his friends (particularly Jenna, Kovu, Rainbow Dash, and Bearen); he also becomes very attached to Jenna after "losing" the other three and saves her life on more than one occasion.  


Samson in his panda form, as he normally appears.

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