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Samson is a lion from Disney's The Wild

He played Baloo in The Classic Book, The Classic Book 2 and The Classic Book (2016)

He is a bear

He Played RC in Cartoon Distance Story

He played Leodore Lionheart in Classictopia and Zootopia (Chris2003 Style)

He is the mayor of Zootopia

He played Joshua in The Little Drummer Boy (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

He is a camel

He played Sulley in Wild Animals, Inc. (Chris2003 Style), Animals, Inc. (Abeiscool40 Style), Animals, Inc. (TheLastDreamworksToon Style), Animals Inc (Systariansrule2024 Style), and Animals University (Systariansrule2024 Style)

He is a blue monster

He played Kirby in The Brave Little Joey, The Brave Little Joey Goes to Mars, and The Brave Little Joey to the Rescue

He is a vacuum cleaner

He played Diego in Jungle Animal Age, Jungle Animal Age 2: The Meltdown, Jungle Animal Age 3: Dawn of the Dragons, Jungle Animal Age 4: Continental Drift and Jungle Animal Age 5: Collision Course

He is a saber-tooth tiger

He played Tug in Brother Lion (Chris2003 Style) and Brother Lion 2 (Chris2003 Style)

He is a bear

He played Rex in ???

He is an orange Tyrannosaurus


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