The characters in reality:

Santiago Manuel Rodriguez/Lavagirl


Minion is a small light orange hamster who loves Santiago Manuel Rodriguez.

Ana Rodriguez

The 10 year old, grown, untamed girl until Santiago tamed her by holding her hand and counting to ten. then the his sister changes from a girl that doesn't like movie adventures or magic to a girl that loves adventures and magic.

Jack Roy

Jack Roy is a cavalier king Charles Spaniel (aka cavalier dog) that loves Mom and Santiago. Even though he's afraid of Santiago.

Roxy Rudy

Roxy is the small cavalier, the Rudy cavalier dog.

Sparky The Cat

Sparky is a mechanical cat who loves Santiago Manuel Rodriguez.

Santiago's Goldfish

Santiago's Goldfish are named Jimmy, Cindy and Goldie and all the other new fishy thoughts Who Loves Santiago Manuel Rodriguez.


Splinter is a pet toy rat who loves Santiago Manuel Rodriguez. Before he became April's pet rat and the turtles' father.

April O'Neil

April O'Neil is a pet guinea who loves Santiago Manuel Rodriguez.


Elsa is a blue pet caterpillar who loves Santiago Manuel Rodriguez. Before she was a butterfly, she was an snow queen.

Manuel Rodriguez

Father of Santiago and Ana.

Patricia Rodriguez

Santiago and Ana's mother.


A 10 year old kid.

Santiago Sarege

A panic boy.

Joey Wasikowski (voice)

Joey Wasikowski (diamond dog & motion capture)

Lauren Wasikowski



Twilight Sparkle

Pinkie Pie

Dan The Noisy Kid

Beautiful Sofia


Dan The Noisy Kid

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