Butterfly June

Santiago Manuel Rodriguez/Giselle (formerly called Jago, Iago and Santi) was a Rodriguez boy, a genius and a two legged caterpillar like Santiago Manuel Rodriguez who appeared in the four shorts. In this short he starts out as a deep-voiced singing Rodriguez boy who almost gets kidnapped by Psycho Twilight that later walking to the window, onto the stick of the window, spins a cocoon, and transforms into a beautiful Disney Princess named Giselle who dances to entertain Mrs. Jachym.


John de Lancie (Caterpillar/Human)

Amy Adams (Butterfly/Princess)


Rodriguez Boy/Disney Princess


Ana Rodriguez (Sister)

Rainbow Dash

Patricia Rodriguez (Mother)

Manuel Rodriguez (Father)

Pato (Grandmother)

Mrs. Jachym



Psycho Twilight (kidnapper formerly only)

Beautiful Sofia (kidnapper formerly only)

Dan The Noisy kid (formerly only)


Window, singing, dancing, springtime, Talking Kids


Almost gets kidnapped, Noisy Kids, Teachers, Shows

Powers and abilities

Benhaven, spinning silk, metamorphosis, Princess form


Kicking, flight into the portal to Andalasia & New York


"Come Little Children"



Santiago's mouth doesn't move when he is singing his transformation song, hinting that he probably sings in his brain.

  • Even though caterpillars & humans are capable of producing silk and use it in their metamorphoses, butterfly caterpillars do not use the silk to make a cocoon, moth caterpillars do that. Instead, butterfly caterpillars shed their skin and become chrysalises. Cater-humans silk their cocoons and turn into ponies, fairies, mermaids, but today they turn into Disney princesses.
  • Giselle slightly resembles Mrs. Jachym from Benhaven
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