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Sarah was a character that appeared in Seasons 7 and 8. She was played by Hayden Tweedie.

About Sarah

  • She loves to paint. She wants to become an artist.


Season 7

  1. Up, Down and Around! (first appearance)
  2. Red, Yellow and Blue!
  3. This Way In! This Way Out!
  4. Play It Safe!
  5. A Parade of Bikes
  6. BJ's Really Cool House

Season 8

  1. On Again, Off Again
  2. A Perfectly Purple Day
  3. A Picture of Friendship
  4. Who's Your Neighbor?
  5. That Makes Me Mad!
  6. It's Your Birthday, Barney! (cameo)
  7. It's Showtime!
  8. At Home in the Park

Season 11

  1. The Whole Truth (cameo/final appearance)

Home Videos

  1. Storytime with Barney
  2. Read with Me

Live Shows

  1. Barney's Colorful World! (last regular appearance)


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