Sawyerman 2: The Great Escape is Sarah West's spoof of Rayman 2: The Great Escape.


The game takes place in a world called the Glade of Dreams. An army of Robot Pirates, led by Baron Dante, invades this world and destroys the Heart of the World, the world core. This greatly weakens the resistance's power and disables Tom's powers, leading to his capture.

Woody, a friend of Tom, is later also captured and put in the same cell as Tom aboard the Pirates' prison ship. Woody gives Tom a silver lum given to him by Queen Diamond, which restores his powers. Tom escapes the prison ship, and is separated from Woody again. He learns that to stand a chance against the Pirates, he needs to find four ancient magic masks to awaken Polokus, the spirit of the world, hidden in secret and mysterious sanctuaries consisting of the four elements water/ice, earth/stone, fire, and air. He travels through the Glade of Dreams via the Hall of Doors, a magical place linked to various locations in the world, controlled by the ancient Teensies.

In the course of the game, Tom frees Woody who had been captured again, and they continue together for a short while until Woody departs again to go find his family. Later, Tom finds Woody's wife, Winnie, and learns that he has been imprisoned on the Prison Ship. Tom also encounters his friend Hubie, a penguin who has stomach problems due to eating rusty pirates; to continue through the level, Tom has to cure Hubie by means of an elixir.

Eventually, Tom recovers the four masks and awakens Polokus, who makes quick work of the pirates on land. In the air however, he has no power, and Tom is tasked to dispose of the Pirates' flying Prison Ship, where Baron Dante also has his headquarters. In a final battle Tom fights Dante, who is controlling a giant robot, the Grolgoth. Eventually Tom destroys the robot and while Dante escapes in a small escape pod, the Prison Ship explodes.


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