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Scar (Taka) is an evil lion from "The Lion King".

Scar (Taka) is an evil Lion who is the main villain from Kids World's Adventures of The Lion King and one of Kids World's first enemies outside from the main Pooh continuity. He plotted to take over the Pride Lands from Mufasa with the help of his minions, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. He succeeds in the takeover and the death of Mufasa, but leaves the hyenas to bungle their job in killing Simba, Scar's nephew. Many years later, Simba, with the help of Pooh and pals, returns to battle Scar and defeat him. He dies when the hyenas betray his orders to take him back up the cliff from where he fell and tear him to shreds. But fate has a way to restore the evil dictator, as due to the darkness in his heart, Scar returned as a ghost to aid Makunga, Pete, the cheetahs, and his trecherous hyena henchmen in Kids World's Adventures of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Scar returned in both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of Ryan Mitchell (Foster) & The Gang In Fantasmic!, and as a member of the Inner Circle and in the Walt Disney Word version to destroy Pooh and his friends and Mickey Mouse along with Ash and his friends and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Scar appears in some of the Simba Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures films as he plotted to get Simba and his crew. He sent Quint, Arthur, Cecil, Shere Khan, Tublat, Rothbart, Dr. Facilier and the villains to fight with the heroes.



  • Scar appeared in the bonus endings for Kids World's Adventures of Robin HoodDuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, All Dogs Go to HeavenTangled, Hocus PocusThe Adventures of the American Rabbit, Free Willy 2: The Adventure HomeThe OutsidersHome Alone (along with its sequels), Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Sorcerers of the Magic KingdomProblem Child (along with its sequels), Nadia: Secret of the Blue WaterBabar: The Movie, Plus Many More!

Vice Actors:

  1. Jeremy Irons - English
  2. Jim Cummings (Singing Voice/Fantasmic) - English
  3. James Horan (Kingdom Hearts/Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom) - English
  4. David Oyelowo (The Lion Guard) - English
  5. Chiwetel Ejiofor (2019 film) - English
  6. Haruhiko Jo - Japanese
  7. Arnold Gelderman - Dutch
  8. Stig Hoffmeyer - Danish
  9. Carlos Petrel - Spanish
  10. Sebastian Llapur - Spanish
  11. Ricardo Solans - Spanish
  12. Thomas Fritsch - German
  13. Jean Piat - French
  14. Tibor Kristóf - Hungarian
  15. Eli Gorenstein - Hebrew

Scar played Tick-Tock Crocodile in Jiminy Pan

He is a crocodile

Scar Played as The Dude in D.W. The Explorer

He is a Fox

Scar played Darth Vader in Lion Wars

He is a Sith Lord

Scar Played Solaris (phase 2) in Ariel The Mermaid (Sonic the Hedgehog)

played Eustace Bagge in Timon The Cowardly Meerkat

He is a farmer

Scar played Sheldon J. Plankton in SpongeDumbo, SpongeDumbo in Flying Speed Games and The Great Flying Elephant Detective and The SpongeDumbo SquareElephant Movie

He is a evil hot gas plankton

Scar played Percival C. Mcleach In The Rescuers Down Under (Baloo The BearFan Style)

He is a Australian poacher

Scar played The Big Bad Wolf in The Three Little Critters

He is a wolf

Scar played Gigan in Princess Zelda VS Mammothmon (Godzilla VS Megalon)

Scar played the Caterpillar in Snow White in Wonderland

Scar played Count Dooku in Animation Star Wars

He is a Jedi-Turned-Sith Lord

Scar Played In Pokemon (397Movies Animals Style)

He is a Member of

Scar played Zander in Dinosaur King (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

He is a member of the Alpha Gang

Scar played Archibald in Skippy in New York

He is a babysitter

Scar played Hector Barbossa in Animals Of The Caribbean

He is a cursed pirate captain

Scar played Skull Duggery in Wild West: The Cowcats Of Meow Mesa

Scar played Farouk The Apple Vendor in Baltladdin

He is an apple vendor

Scar played Governor Ratcliffe in Perdithontas

He is a governor

Scar played Big Bad in Alice and Pinocchio

He is a wolf

Scar played Tai Lung in Kung Fu Meerkat

He is a snow leopard

Scar played The Mouse King in The Meerkat Prince

He is a mouse

Scar Played Ben Revencroft In Bernard Doo and the Hyena Witch

Scar played Razoul in Ericladdin and Olladdin

He is a guard

Scar played Professor Screweyes in We're Back!: A Feline's Story

He is a professor

Scar played Jafar in Simbaladdin, Simbaladdin 2: The Return of Scar, and Kovuladdin and Kovuladdin 2: The Return of Scar

He is a sorcerer

Scar played Dr. Evil Danny Powers: Internation Cat of MysteryDanny Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Danny Powers: Goldmember

He is a evil doctor

Scar played Shan-Yu in Perdilan

He is the leader of the Huns

Scar played Lord Rothbart in The Otter Lioness

He is a sorcerer

Scar played Frollo in The Hunchback of Pride Rock

He is a judge

Scar played Jumba Jookiba in Pinkie Gongoozler aka Gooz and Sonic the Hedgehog

He's a scientist and a Bounty hunter.

Scar played Oogie Boogie in The Nightmare Before Christmas (Animal Style)

Scar played Sir Edgar in Nala Enchanted

He is an uncle

Scar played Dr. Facilier in The Lioness and the Meerkat

He is a voodoo magician

Scar played The Huntsman in Megara White and The Seven Animals

He is a huntsman

Scar played Shan-Yu's Body Gaurd in Nala (Mulan)

He is a bodyguard

Scar played Prince John in Robin Hood (Animated Style)

He is a prince

Scar played Captain Hook in Bambi Pan and SpongeBob Pan

He is a pirate

Scar Played Mojo Jojo in The Powerpuff Girls (Coozldane Animal Style) (Show) and (Movie)

He is a Evil Monkey

Scar played Darth Vader in Seal Wars

He is a sith lord

Scar played Mor'du in Brave (SuperJNG18 Animal Style)

He is a bear

Scar played Firelord Sozin in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

He is an evil tyrant

Scar played Firelord Ozai In Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

He is an evil tyrant

Scar played Sauruman The White in The Animal Lord Of The Rings

He is a wizard

Scar Played Sa'Luk in Dannyladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a murderer

Scar played Bull Tyrannosaurus Rex in The Lost World: Mammal Park

He is an male Tyrannosaurus

Scar Played Clayton in Simbarzan

He is a hunter

Scar Played Prince Achmed in Rainbowladdin Dash

He is a grumpy prince

Scar Played Don Feinberg in Lion Cub Tale (Dragon Rockz Shark Tale Style)

He is a Shark

Scar played Maltese de Sade in Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers

He is Fat Cat's cousin

Scar Played Gazeem The Thief  in Dodgerladdin

He is Jafar's Partner

Scar Played the Lion in Jumanji (CoolZDane Style)

He is a Wild Lion

Scar Played Mr. Green in Danny and Simba (aka: Crash & Bernstein)

Scar Played Tick Tock Crocodile in Piglet Pan

Scar Played The Horned King in The Black Cauldron (CoolZDane Animal Style)

He is a Demon King

Scar played Carface in All Animals Go to Heaven [MichaelCityMaker]

He is an Evil Bulldog

Scar played the Mean Lion in Tarzan of the Jungle 2

Scar played the Wasp Leader in The Wild Animal Bully

He is a Wasp

Scar played Genie Jafar in Caleladdin and Caleladdin 2: The Return of Lord Farquaad

He is an evil Genie

Scar Played Rasputin in Jennastasia

He is a sorcerer

Scar Played Shere Khan in The Space Book, The Savannah Book, and The Savannah Book 2

He is a Tiger

Scar Played Stromboli in Dumbo (Pinocchio) and Leapnocchio

He is a puppet master

Scar Played The Bear in The Chinese and the Russian

He is a vicious bear

Scar Played Lotso Huggin' Bear in Beast Story 3 and Critter Story 3

He is an evil teddy bear

Scar Played Lord Shen in Kung Fu Equestria Dash 2

Scar Played Raditz in Dragon Ball Z (FiverandHeather's Channel)

He is Goku's Long Lost Evil Brother

Scar Played Darth Maul In Star Wars (The BluesRockz Style)

He is Sith Lord

Scar played Klaw in Avengers: Age of Sweetie Bot

He is a smuggler

Scar Played Giovanni in Pokemon (SuperWhyMovie's Animal Style)

Scar Played Soto in School Age

Scar played Strykore (Sealed Form) in Skylanders Academy (Itzahk1000 Style)

Scar played Young Audrey II and Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors (EJL423 Style)

She is a venus flytrap who eats blood and the main antagonist in Little Shop of Horrors

Scar will play Mr. Mole in Hiro (Thumbelina)

He played Sharptooth in The Land Before Time series (Otto Gameplays13 version)

he played Kron in Animal (2000)

He is a muttaburrasaurus.



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