He is a Characters from Animals Farthing Wood. 

Scarface played Lex Luthor in Superwolf: The Last Son Of Krypton

He is an evil businessman

Scarface played Killer Croc in Bathound: The Animated Series

He is a deformed human with crocodile features

Scarface played Dr. Jason Woodrue in Bathound & Fox

He is a mad scientist

Scarface Played The Lieutenant in The Legend Of Kate

He is a lieutenant  

Scarface Palyed Hiroshi Sato In The Legend of Princess

He is a villainous rich man

Scarface played Darth Maul in Animation Star Wars

He is a Sith lord

Scarface played the shark in Fangs

He is a Great White Shark

Scarface played Mick Katie in Charlie Barkin: When Nature Calls

He is an Australian poacher

Scarface Played Captain Hector Barbossa In Animal Of The Caribbean NuclearZoen Style

He is a cursed pirate captain

Scarface Played Darth Vader in Star Wars (Youknowhatmoviesucks Style)

He is a Sith lord

Scarface Played The Horned King In The Black Cauldron (PrinceBalto Pet Style)

He is a monster

Scarface Played Dark Skunk in Skunk Fu! (youknowhatmoviesucks style)

He is a Cyborg Dark Skunk

Scarface Played Shan Yu in Kate (Mulan)

He is a Hun Warlord

Scarface Played Raz In Balooladdin Balooladdin 2: The Return of Don Kanager And Balooladdin 3: And The King of Thieves

He is the captain of the grauds 

Scarface Played In Cody and The Blue Fox

Scarface Played Niju In Dodgerto II:Blue Foxes Quest

He is a wolf

Scarface Played Sa'Luk In Todladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a Sorcerer

Scarface Played Hades In Dodgercules and Todcules

He is a Ruler of The Underworld

Scarface Played Gaston In Beauty and The Tigger

He is a Hunter

Scarface Played Jafar In Dodgerladdin and Dodgerladdin 2 The Return of Scarface, Boldladdin and Boldladdin 2: The Return of Scarface

He is a Sorcerer

Scarface Played Carface in All Foxes Go To Heaven

He is Charlie and Itchy Arch Nemesis

Scarface Played Kocoum in Foxhontas

Scarface Played Flotsam in The Little Huskey

He is a Moray Eel

Scarface Played Quintus Arrius in Sim-Hur

Scarface Played Wolfo in The Legend of Twilight Sparkle


In Animals Of Animation Wood- Played by Steele

In The Animals Of Farthing Wood (PrinceBalto Style)-Played By

Scarface Played Rothbart in The Robin Princess & The Swan Dog 

He is a Warlock

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