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Scarlet Overkill is a villain from Minions.

Scarlet Overkill as Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective.

She Plays "Ratigan" or "Count Dracula".

Scarlet Overkill in her tuxedo with Count Dracula cape. She is a villain to be a Dracula.

She plays Yzma (Human) in The BoxHuman's New Groove and The BoxHuman's New Groove 2: Kristoff's New Groove

She played The Beldam in Riley (Coraline) and Chloe (Coraline)

She is Coraline's other mother

She is played by Darla in Muppets Don't Dance (LegalizeAnythingMuppets Style)

She a Little Girl

She played Greasy Weasel in Who Framed Merida?

He is a Weasel and a member of the Toon Patrol

She played Princess Ting-Ting in Cassielan 2

She plays Lots-O'-Huggin-Bear in Toon Story 3 (Santiago Style)

She is a teddy bear

She played The Queen of Hearts in Madison in Wonderland (Smart Cartoon)

She played Laura Bishop in Moonrise Charlie Brown



  • Best Friends -
  • Brother -
  • Sister -
  • Sister in Law - Spydra
  • Brother in Law - David Xanatos
  • Babysitter -
  • Father - Pitch Black
  • Mother - Mother Gothel
  • Cousins -
  • Nieces -
  • Nephews -
  • Aunt -
  • Uncle -
  • Uncle in Law -
  • Husband - Herb Overkill

Voice Actors:

Sandra Bullock - English


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