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Scarlett is a contestant in Total Drama

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She played Dawn Bellwether in Toontopia (Uranimated18 Version)

She is an evil sheep

She played Madame Medusa in the Rescuers (ilovecakeaj) style

She is an evil lady

She played Vlad Vladikoff in Bridgette Hears a Princess

She is a vulture

She played the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz (ilovecakeaj style)

She is a wicked witch

She played Ursula in the Little Mer Total Drama Contestant

She is a villain

She played the Evil Queen in Ella White and the Seven Dogs

She is an evil queen

She played the Queen of Hearts in Bess and Gretchen in Wonderland

She is a queen

She played Yzma in codyss new groove

she is a villain

She played the Scary Lion in the Teletubbies (ilovecakeaj style)

she is a lion

She play Maleficient in Sleeping Beauty (Ethan Funsch style)

she is a villain

She play Jafar in Zoeyladdin

She play Wardrobe in Beauty and the the malevolent one

she is a wardrobe

She played Wuya in Xiaolin Showdown (RebeccaTheSorceress' Version)

She is a Heylin Witch

She played Madame Margaret in Codename: Total Drama Contestants Next Door

She is a Boy-Hating Tyrant and Numbuh 4's Arch-Enemy.

She played Mrs. Melisha Tweedy in Animated Children Run

She is a Female Chicken Farmer and She is Mr. Willard Tweedy's Wife.

She played Queen Chrysalis in My Little Total Drama Contestant: Friendship Is Magic

She is a Queen of the Changelings, Who disguised as Princess Cadance.

She played Zira in The Person King 2

she is an evil lion

She played Stretch in ilovecakeaj story 3

she is an octopus

She played Madame Mim in

She played Cruella De Vil in 101 wolf dogs

She played Horned King in Erika and The Black Cauldron


In Total Drama ratagianrules style played by Cruella De Vil (101 dalmatians)

In Total Drama Ilovecakeaj styleplayedd by Adult Vitani (the lion king 2 simbas pride)

in Total Drama animal style played by Madame Mousey

In Total Drama style played by Queen Chrysalis

In Total Drama Tom Radloff style played by Vicky

In Total Drama Superheroes played by Foop (Fairly Oddparents)

In Total Drama Aardman Island played by Mrs. Tweedy (Chicken Run)