Scrunch, the Ship's Cook

She is Creative! Kind! Sensitive! Laid back!

Likes: Cooking delicious recipes

Dislikes: Bad food

Favourite Song: Pop Goes the Weasel

Scrunch loves nothing more than gathering nature’s bounty to make delicious meals. Scrunch knows everything about wild food; nuts, berries and mushrooms are her specialty, and she’s an authority on which ones you can and can’t eat. Scrunch can make anything sound delicious.

Some may turn their nose up at seaweed, but not Scrunch. She has a dozen delicious recipes for it. Although Scrunch is enthusiastic about her work in the galley, she can be hard to get out of her bunk in the morning.

Being a foodie, Scrunch is always sensitive to the best times of year to pick fruits and nuts, which herbs and plants are good to eat, and importantly which ones the crew should steer clear of. Being the ship’s cook is not all work though, Scrunch loves a good picnic or midnight feast and knows that food always tastes best when shared with good friends.

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