Scuttlebutt is a villain in An American Tail: Treasure of Manhattan Island.

He Played In Timmy Brisbyladdin 3:And The King of Thieves

He is a Thief and a Murderer

He Played as In Basiladdin (TV Series)

He is a Sorcerer With a Skeleton Hand

He Played In Basil Pan Basil Pan 2:Return to Neverland and Grasping (Hook)

He is a Idiot Pirate and Captain Hook.s Helper

He Played In Sniffesladdin and Sniffesladdin 2:The Return of Scuttlebuttafar

He is a Sorcerer

He Played Captain Hook In Sniffes Pan

He is a Pirate


Voice Actors:

  1. John Kassir - English
  2. Jean-Luc Galmiche - French (Visqueux de Rat in France)
  3. Davide Lepore - Italian
  4. Bolba Tamás - Hungarian (Pletykafészek in Hungary)
  5. Jacek Kopczyński - Polish (Skanalia in Poland)
  6. Hasse Jonsson - Swedish


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