Sea Rogue, also known as "The Pirate", is known for stealing barges for two mysterious green eyed tugs, who had kidnapped his uncle, and threatened to scuttle him unless he followed their commands. The Green-Eyed Pirates were later caught out by Ten Cents, Sunshine, Grampus and Sea Rogue himself, who devised a plan to capture the two fiends. Sea Rogue had been previously mistaken as the pirate himself, hence his nickname and he later forgave the Star Tugs for ever thinking that about him. He then returned to the peaceful life with his uncle up river.

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Sea Rogue

  • Sea Rogue's appearance was quite intimidating, especially his eye patch, a typical pirate trademark. He was a blackish-blue tug in colour, and he did not seem to work for any particular fleet. However, the "Mi" symbol on his stack suggests that he worked for the munitions company, as the same symbol is seen on factory and warehouse doors.
  • He speaks with an English pirate accent.


Behind the Scenes

  • In Salty's Lighthouse, Sea Rogue becomes a villain who willingly steals cargo, but only appears in Top Hat's dreams.
  • On the model of Sea Rogue there is writing from the production crew reading "Which Tug am I?" on the lower deck, and "Schizoid" on the stern. This is a joke between the crewmembers as Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which causes people to think they have another personality, and his model is presumed to have also been used for Bluenose due to similar model structures between one another.
  • Some features from Sea Rogue's appearance in the episode Pirate were found altered on the model in 2012. There is speculation that Sea Rogue was intended to appear in the cancelled second season of TUGS, thus Bluenose was in the midst of being changed back to Sea Rogue before Clearwater Features became bankrupt, shut down and ended up not being able to produce any more episodes.
  • His model and face masks were sold to The Star Tugs Company (formerly The Star Tugs Trust)
  • He has the same whistle sound as Fultan Ferry and Bluenose

Voice Actors

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