Sea Rogue's Uncle was never named, although he was referred to as "Old Man" by his nephew, Sea Rogue.

Sea Rogue's Uncle

Sea Rogue's Uncle


He is an elderly tug with a brownish colour scheme and an Old Man accent, appearing only in "Pirate". He was kidnapped by the "Green-Eyed" tugs, who held him as ransom in order to make his nephew steal barges. He was later rescued by Grampus and now resides up river with Sea Rogue.


Voice Actors

He plays Clopin in The Hero of Notre Dame (ThomasTenCents34526's Style)

  • He is a puppet maker and a story teller.


  • His model was later made into Boomer, however, there are some hints that the model was in the midst of being changed back into Sea Rogue's Uncle to prepare for the cancelled second series (his funnel is red and Boomer's is green, but the red funnel is the one on the model).
  • Along with the pirates, he never appeared in Salty's Lighthouse as a major character, but appeared as a cameo in the episode, "Who Took My Crayons?".
  • His model and face mask were sold to The Star Tugs Company (formerly the Star Tugs Trust).
  • In the episode and the Photo Book adaption, his sides are boarded up.
  • He only has one face mask for his model (not including Boomer)
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